Happy Friday!

Time to jump on the meme bandwagon!
Here is me, as illustrated by three fictional characters. I think I nailed it!

Important Tidbits of Randomness

My brain doesn’t really feel like putting together a full post. I do have some things to say though, so we are going to do this bullet point style.

-My sweet little kidlet is turning thirteen on Sunday. Thirteen! I’m going to have to stop calling her kidlet soon (never going to stop calling her girl-butt though). We will celebrate that morning with a fancy breakfast at a swanky hotel – a new tradition, this is just our second year, but we all had a blast last time. And then I’m opening up my house on Sunday night to an obscene amount of children (obscene for my 1400 sq. ft. at least). If I don’t make it to work on Monday, someone send help.


-Hidden special needs parenting expense = so many people to buy for at Christmas! I purchased nine Starbuck’s gift cards for his teacher, classroom aids, bus driver, bus aid, and therapists (and made it an even ten once I included our mail carrier, she likes Starbucks). Whew! All of these people are a blessing in the little man’s life, so I’m happy to do it . . . but dang! It is quite an increase over his preschool where we were able to just bake a basket of goodies for everyone.

-I’m writing this on Wednesday evening. I’m still sick. And still bitching about it. Let’s hope I’m not still coughing by the time you are reading this.

-Related to that. I had planned to make mini Bundt cakes for just about everyone I know this holiday season. I even bought a special mini Bundt cake pan from Nordic Ware – they have the best designs. But at this rate, I’m not going to make it. Obviously I haven’t started cooking because I don’t want to give the gift of my germs. If I recover by this weekend I might be able to make some for my department at work. It might be a lost cause though. The Bundt pan will have to wait until next year. Spellcheck informed me I needed to capitalize “Bundt,” so I googled it. Turns out Bundt is a trademarked term from Nordic Ware. [Bonus points if all this talk about Bundt cakes made you think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.]

-I had to attend a meeting and give a presentation outside of regular working hours this week. Instead of taking an afternoon off to compensate, I’ve been leaving a little bit early every single day. It is lovely. I’m going to regret it next week when 5pm seems unreasonably late.

-Despite my lack of Christmas cheer, I did manage to participate in one of my favorite – and oldest – traditions . . . shopping for a child from the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree. This is a pretty important tradition for me. We did it every year growing up, even when we could barely afford it, and it has been a goal to pass that value on to my daughter. If you can spare some, use it to help others. We ended up with a one-year-old little girl this year. I don’t usually choose a kid so young as I feel like they are the easiest to shop for. I like to pick someone who might otherwise be overlooked. This particular little girl needed a high chair though and it just hurt my little heart. She is getting her high chair this year, along with some learning toys, books, new clothes, and a coat, but the shopping really upset me. The cheapest high chair they had at Wal-Mart was $35. Its no wonder they can’t afford one! $35 is a big expense on minimum wage, even more so if you are in a profession dependent on tips. We wouldn’t have been able to afford that when our daughter was first born – it was only through the support of family that she never had to go without during those first years. ::sigh:: I don’t want to go on and on about it, but it just pissed me off. How are people supposed to provide for their families?

-My hair is now highlighted with a brilliant purple. I absolutely love it – the best color I’ve done so far, for sure. Sometimes the purple hair falls into my eyes a little and momentarily unnerves me. I’m not used to something that bright on my head. I do feel a little silly though, truth be told.

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes when you walk to work in the morning, you realize people can see straight through your dress when the sun hits it. Then you thank you lucky stars that you decided to wear underwear.

Sometimes you realize your dress is tucked in to the back of your underwear just before you walk out to the school bus. Then you say a little silent prayer of thanks.
Sometimes you need to treat a Monday night like a Friday night.

Sometimes you regret that decision when the alarm goes off Tuesday morning.
Sometimes you want to sleep on the couch just to get some alone time without having to stick your spouse with all of the work.

Sometimes when driving through the parking deck singing RuPaul’s Click Clack very loudly, you realize your window is still partly open. Hope everyone enjoyed being serenaded . . . poorly.
Click Clackdaddyjail

Sometimes you get so tired of changing diapers you want to set them ablaze in a giant backyard bonfire. Burn them all!

Sometimes looking at your calendar for October makes you want to crawl in bed and cry, but that’s cool. Just keep swimming.
Sometimes the only acceptable lunch is nachos.

Sometimes you don’t have time to blog so you throw some random sentences and fun gifs together and hope it counts.anigif_enhanced-13912-1443459222-2