smelling good

My favorite . . . perfume

Yeah, that’s right. A completely useless and frivolous post about smelling nice. Happy Friday!

There was a time in my life when I didn’t wear many perfumes and was strictly a body spray kind of gal. This was mostly because all of the cutesy popular perfumes out there smelled overwhelming like flowers. I do not like to smell like flowers. Then one day in high school I suddenly discovered Gap’s Om. Remember those old Gap perfumes – Grass, Om, Heaven, etc.? Nobody I knew liked Om because it was very musky, almost masculine. When I sprayed that sucker on though, it was like the clouds parted with the angels were singing “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. A big switch clicked my mind – I’m not supposed to smell like flowers! I’m supposed to smell dark and mysterious.

Calvin Klein Euphoria    euphoria
Calvin Klein.com says this perfume is “mysterious. provocative. exciting. the fantasy and surprise of the black orchid creates a captivating oriental fragrance that contrasts exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich, creamy signature.” All I know is that is smells good on me. Damn good. I get compliments all of the time. As a bonus, my husband bought this for me the first time without any input from me.

Chanel Chancechance
This is another one that people notice and compliment on me. Chanel.com says “It’s your chance . . . TAKE IT! A decidedly young scent . . . for those who dare to dream. The most powerful, concentrated and long-lasting form of fragrance; a constellation of orbiting scents. Floral notes merge with sensual, sweet and spicy elements.” Yeah that is mostly nonsense, but it still smells good. I’m out of this right now if anyone wants to buy me a bottle.

Nina Ricci Ninanina
It comes in an apple-shaped bottle. This is one of those that I just stumbled across while killing some time in Sephora one day. It is a little fruity, so I wouldn’t have been drawn to it necessarily, but I love the smell on me. The sweetness kind of drops away and leaves this wonderful unique smell. Macy’s describes it as “a magical fragrance, a promise of enchantment with a radiant power of seduction. A fresh fruity floral fragrance with mouthwatering accents.”

Clean White Woodsclean
This is a recent discovery. I got a sample from somewhere and instantly loved it. This is the kind of perfume that I can sometimes catch of whiff of during the day and just thing, “Oh, I smell delicious.” Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to find as the others and I always have to order it online. Totally worth it though. From Clean.com, “This woody musk Eau de Parfum weaves a cozy, comforting blanket with hints of crisp bergamot leaves, sparkling mandarin, creamy vanilla orchid, sandalwood, praline musks, and a dash of black pepper. The result is a warm, luxurious scent that embodies the pure essence of natural light dancing in a quiet wooded path.”

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Obpal
I went through a period where I was all about the perfume oils. They are great and BPAL comes up with some of the most unique scents out there. Perfume oils can smell very different on different people, but you can usually get sample sizes and pass them on to others if necessary. For example, a scent called “Shroud” smelled like disgusting wet dirt on me, but smelled divine on my mother. O has to be my favorite from BPAL and one of only two I own full-size bottles of. From BPAL.com, “The scent of sexual obsession, slavery to sensual pleasure, and the undercurrent of innocence defiled utterly. Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla.”