Saturday Review: Wantable

Last month, Wantable offered a coupon to try one (or more) of their monthly boxes for $1 and I was lucky enough to catch the deal. Well, not quite. The massive spike in traffic to the site meant I was never able to order with the special code. A quick email to the company the following day however, and they honored their deal and gave me a new code. Amazing customer service!

A little about Wantable: they offer three separate monthly boxes – makeup, accessory, and intimates. On the plus side, the boxes are amazingly customizable. You take a little quiz for each box rating what you love, like, and hate. You won’t receive anything that you rate lowest and you can change your answers every month. You also have the ability to do some returns, but only of the entire box or the items of larger value. Awesome!

Here is one of the most amazing things about Wantable – you can skip a month or cancel just by clicking a button on the webpage. That is it. No phone calls. No justifications. No trying to get you to stay. Just click.

The down side, the boxes cost $36 each (monthly, or $40 for a one-time purchase). I don’t know about you, but that is out of my budget.

I selected to try the makeup and accessory boxes with my coupon (this plus-size gal didn’t want to deal with possibly weird-sized intimates). Here is what I ended up with:

This box is fine. The value is there and it fits the like/dislikes I selected on the quiz, but doesn’t have a lot of zing for me. All of the products were nicely packed and high quality. They shipped and arrived quickly. I would not regularly subscribe to this box because at a cost of $36, I really need to just love everything. I don’t see this box being very useful – even if you need to overhaul your makeup collection; it would probably be more cost effective to spend the money on your own choices.

This box is great! The chevron scarf is my new favorite and I wear it way too often. The necklace is also one of my favorites and I also wear it way too often. In a store, I probably wouldn’t have even paid attention to the necklace, so I’m thrilled to have discovered it. The bracelet is nice, but I traded it away (for a gold necklace similar to the one I received in this box). I like my bracelets to jangle and this one didn’t fit that requirement. The pashmina is gorgeous. I haven’t worn it yet due to the temperature boiling outside, but you can bet I’ll break it out when fall hits. I wouldn’t regularly subscribe to this box either – it just can’t overcome that $36 price tag – but would keep it in mind for a one-off splurge or coupon purchase. It would be really great for someone looking to mix-up their accessory game.

Overall – Great company. High quality products. Easy to skip a month and cancel. A little too pricey for a monthly subscription.