California At 6 Months

Well, 7 months actually. But 6 just sounds much better for a title.

We’ve pretty much settled in, I guess. We still have art to hang and books to unbox, but the husband is going to handle that next month when he is unemployed [more on that in a sec]. The apartment was sufficiently cozy over the holidays – the fireplace certainly helped – and all of the decorations we brought with us fit in the space. The tree looks a little short now though, with the high ceilings. My suggestion to buy another in the Balsam Hill sample sale was summarily dismissed. It’s not like I was really going to buy it though; I can hardly justify spending that kind of money on a second tree when we are stretched thin already. Just play along with my winter wonderland fantasy. A tree in every room! Lights in every corner! An ornament in every bowl!

Christmas Eve at Half Moon Bay

I actually didn’t end up going to the sample sale at all even though I’d been looking forward to it since October. Completely forgot.

I still can’t believe that I uprooted my entire life and moved cross-country in the short span of seven weeks. I say “me” instead of “we,” because the rest of the family had an extra two months. I do not recommend following my lead and doing something like this on such a short time line. Especially not if you have a family and pets and too many doctors to count and a house to sell. Damn! Does it make me seem romantic and impulsive? I’m neither of those things, but I’ll support the illusion if it comes off that way.

Things I’ve Discovered or Acquired since Arriving in California: a favorite Chinese place, a love of fresh baked bread from the Asian grocery store (go figure!), an air of pretentiousness about living on the peninsula, way too many tote bags, a favorite free spot (Cantor Center for Visual Arts @ Stanford), a favorite Mediterranean place, a Starbuck’s habit (it’s next door), an extreme dislike of seagulls, a fear of double-decker highways (earthquakes!).

Still no good pizza. Although we have adopted a Chicago-style place that is more than acceptable (that’s high praise considering some of the options we’ve tried).

Let’s get back to that unemployed husband. His current job ends this month and his new job begins in March, leaving a little over a full month of stay-at-home-dad territory. Since we no longer own a home, his honey-do list will be significantly shorter than it would have been in Arkansas. Lots of errands, laundry, and . . . holding down the couch. That isn’t some kind of jab at him – there just won’t be much else to do. Someone has to watch all that Netflix.

In April, the husband starts working the night shift. I predict a truly awful month or so as we all (but especially him!) try to adjust to that. Oh the things we do to keep from having to hire a special needs nanny. . . . ::insert ch-ching sounds here::


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