4 Things I Do Not Love About Living in San Francisco

1) The Apartment Living
I haven’t gotten used to the apartment way of life yet. Honestly, it makes me feel like a college student who decorates by lining up empty liquor bottles over the kitchen cabinets. I miss my little house. All of our furniture is too big for this apartment, even though we left 1/3 of it behind. There is no place to store anything. And – get this! – there are people everywhere. They walk around living their own lives way too close to my dwelling. Yes, I’m joking around. But it is still a big adjustment. I’m used to a quiet suburb, not a complex with eight four-story buildings.

It is an adjustment and I’m just not there yet. I refuse to shell out $5000 a month to rent a house in this town though, so I better get over it.
Apartment Dino
2) The Seagulls
Or other random coastal birds that make a lot of noise. I’ve never actually seen them, so I guess I can’t blame seagulls 100%. Either way, these noisy little varmints wake me up a lot in the mornings, ruining the peaceful and cool bedroom. Birds man, big jerks. Nature and I never really have gotten along. . .

3) The Pizza
I’m looking for recommendations if you know of something better, but – so far – most of what I’ve tried has been bad. I’ve enjoyed a few slices that were fine. Nothing that met my craving for lazy Friday night gooey-cheesy pizza. It makes me want to order from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut! In a city where you can find any type of food imaginable. . . I want to hit up a boring chain pizza place. There are plenty of delicious looking wood fire pizza joints around. That isn’t lazy Friday night pizza though.

I’m not alone in my opinion of Bay Area pizza, as demonstrated by this awesome comic I found. Click through to see the rest of her NY vs. SF series.
SF PIzza.

4) The Lack of Rain
I know I shouldn’t complain about this because winter rain is coming. But guys, I miss it. I’ve been here two months and I haven’t seen a drop! The fog helps fill my need for overcast days, but what I wouldn’t give to go to sleep listening to a rain storm. Remind me that I complained about this when we are getting a month’s worth of rain in a couple of days. Apparently when it rains, it really rains.



  1. Those don’t sound so bad…except for the rain. When I moved from Houston, TX to Colorado, I was almost depressed occasionally for lack of rain. Not even fog for overcast days, just relentless good weather. I think my son and DIL will like that when they move to San Francisco, though. In fact, I am going over to Indianapolis today to stay with the grand while they fly out there tomorrow to get a look around.

  2. Re: Rain…
    Yep. When it rains in the fall and winter, it rains steadily for three or four days! Very little thunder, though. When I moved from California to Missouri, the thunder and lightening ’bout scared the bejesus outta me!!

  3. I’m with you on apartment living. I did it for a few years and hated every minute. There are people, actual people, people I don’t know, walking around both above and below me. Horrible thought. And the birds are horrible here, too. There are crows the size of dogs and some sort of screeching thing I hear but can’t see. No sympathy for the lack of rain or pizza, though. I live in Tokyo. The rain is horrible and the pizza is worse. Even the Hut is horrible. Sigh. Love your writing, though. Things will look better once you’re not alone anymore.

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