From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and Back Down

My brain is fried and full of new information, so we’re going to do this update bullet point-style. I promise that I’ll eventually stop titling these California posts with song lyrics. . . but for now, how could you not?!

Our new home on a beautiful day.
Our new home on a beautiful day.

-I’m back at the same Barnes and Noble I was at last Sunday. With many of the same people who were hanging around in the Starbucks last week. While I don’t have wifi at home yet, I can access an xfinity hotspot so I’m not completely cut off. It works better for my phone than the computer though. For some reason that can only be qualified as a first-world-problem, I have difficulty working on my laptop without being connected. This makes no sense.

-I bought a new air mattress, so I’m now elevated a few inches above the floor instead of waking up with most of my body on it. I’d love to be in a real bed, but I’m fairly comfy with this arrangement. And the dog seems to like it.

-I went out on Saturday and bought all of the things I had overlooked when moving out here. Like something sharper than a butter knife. I also picked up a pizza pan and a pot for making pasta. My plan to exist on sandwiches and chicken breasts bit the dust big time. I do still need to buy a coffee cup – how I made it out here without one is beyond me – but I’m being picky since it will be my only one until the boxes get here.

-Perk of living alone = my apartment is super clean. Annoyance of living alone = no one else to take the dog out.

-Speaking of a clean house, Merry Maids tackled the Arkansas house last week in prep for realtor photos on Monday (today!). The husband sent me a video and that place has never looked as clean. We basically asked for them to come in and give it their deep clean treatment and I highly recommend it if you ever need to reset your home. They cleaned things we didn’t even know existed.

-The Arkansas house will be listed on Wednesday. I’ll be so glad to get out from under that. It isn’t a huge expense (especially compared to my California residence), but it will be a big mental relief. I’d love for it to be under contract before the husband and kids move out here at the end of the summer. Cross your fingers!

-I have no clue where I am at any given moment because this place is just a whole bunch of tiny towns smushed together. For example, I’m in five different cities during my eleven-mile drive to work. Five! I’ll work it all out eventually, but for now I just map everything because the address doesn’t tell me anything about how far away if might be.

-I have photos from the drive out here I keep meaning to share. I need to do it soon or it will just have been too long. How about a teaser?

Golden Gate Bridge - foggy, but beautiful.
Golden Gate Bridge – foggy, but beautiful.

-It is going to get a little hot today (Sunday, when I’m writing this). Yes, the high is a scorching 80 degrees down by the water where I live. Ha! You bet I’m rubbing it in. Southerners just can help but rub it in when we visit or move to areas with more temperate climates.


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