And I Would Move 2000 Miles

13178599_10100453791027146_7722111268941119391_nSo, California. Yeah. We are about to move 2000 miles.

There is a long story surrounding this with a lot of details, but you don’t really care about that so I’ll give you the short version – I accepted a great new job in San Francisco with a start date only seven weeks later. The employer was able to be more flexible about the start date, but we made the decision to go ahead with it, assuming it would work better for us in the end if I set up on the west coast and left the rest of the family behind until the end of summer.

Seven weeks might feel like a lot at first glance. But remember – this isn’t just stopping one job, taking a little time off, and then starting another. This is uprooting a family of four across the country. In that scenario, seven weeks is just a drop in the bucket.

What’s our theory behind this two separate household things? It gives us time to transfer all of the little man’s services, find new medical providers, set up insurance, etc. It also gives more time to sell our house with someone actually still living in the same state at the property. If we all moved together right now, the husband would have to wait to find a new job until school started up again (since we wouldn’t know anyone to set up care for the little man). Another plus of doing it this way is his continued salary during this very expensive move.

Let’s talk about the move. We’ve never moved this far before, so I tried to do some research online. But almost every source I found only offered one bit of advice – get rid of as much as possible. Sources that actually offered more details tended to either be 1) moving with a full service company or 2) flying to the new location and starting over. Once this whole thing is said and done, I’ll recount our process and maybe offer some insight to someone out there.

There are some sad bits to this move. Obviously we are leaving behind family and friends. Aside from that, our older dog Leela isn’t going to be able to come with us. Poor thing would hate living in an apartment and we made the difficult decision to find her a new home. It will be better for her. Still hard to do though.

I think I’ll stop this post here. This move is all I’m going to have to talk about for a while; I don’t want to use all my material at once.


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  1. I will be hanging on every word! My son, DIL, 2 grand-girls are moving from Indianapolis to San Francisco next year. Hubz and I have made a couple of cross country moves–*after* our kids were grown, so no worries about kid medical issues, schools, serious downsizing. It was still very different from a short move. How to do a move like that with a family??? On one move, we seriously downsized and rented a truck—do not do this without help at the new place! We would have been better off to get rid of everything but suitcases and start over–it was that difficult. Another move, we hired a moving service. This was pricey, but worth it. Remember that on a move that far, there will be no running back and forth, no “taking it slowly.” It is all at once. Love and Good Luck!

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