My Family Builders – Blocks for the Rest of Us

I suppose this is sort-of a product review and should really be posted on Saturday, but I just really wanted to show you guys these awesome new toys. Last year, I supported a Kickstarter for My Family Builders and the toy finally arrived on my door step last week.

So, what is My Family Builders?

It is a magnetic block set that allows you to “build” members of your family. Have an African-American dad and an Asian mom? No problem. What about two dads? Sure. Live with mom and grandma? Got you covered. Three pale white people and one adorable black little man? Absolutely. [That’s us, by the way.]
My Family Builders
The set comes with 48 blocks (16 adults heads, 16 kids heads, 4 big bodies, 4 small bodies, 4 big legs, 4 small legs) and a set of large cards with suggested games celebrating diversity. I’ve enjoyed the blocks too much to have opened the cards yet, so I can’t comment on that.

These blocks are fun. You can build almost anyone. Humorously – to me at least – the only “missing” block in the set is my husband’s head. Yep, there isn’t a block that accurately represents our white male head of household. The blocks all have hair and my husband is lacking in that area.

I really can’t believe it took until 2016 to get something like this available to the masses. Their website describes it as “a unique toy that celebrates diversity” and I couldn’t agree more. Go ahead and visit that website if you want to learn more or see the toys in action.

Don’t worry, if you come over I promise to let you play with them too.


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  1. Hi, I just came across you beautiful review of our toy set. Thank you so much in the name of all the MyFamilyBuilders team for supporting us on Kickstarter and for writing about us!
    Warm regards, EZ Karpf (Designer and Co-Founder of MFB)

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