What I Did On Super Bowl Sunday

Go Sports-slept until 8am

-washed two loads of dishes

-read an issue of Better Homes & Gardens, Dwell, and The New Yorker

-silently pondered how I keep ending up with these free magazine subscriptions

-finished and filed my taxes

-washed two loads of laundry

-wished I had a soda

-listened to an ungodly number of iCarly episodes that the little man was watching as I cleaned up

-made iced coffee

-relished in the fact that we were not invited to a single football party this year and can stay home

-sang my own rendition of the iCarly theme song

-waited for the husband to get home from work

-waited for the daughter to get home from a sleepover

-played blocks with the little man

-drank iced tea from a Doctor Who cybermen glass; sweetened, but not “sweet tea”

-ate leftover hashbrowns and sausage for lunch

-covered said leftovers in ketchup to make them edible

-complained to the little man because I used too much ketchup

-read some of Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America by Jill Leovy

-watched this video showing the evolution of zombies (https://youtu.be/4SdACMZwaaw)

-watched a few episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race


-watched a few episodes of Bob’s Burgers

-finished off a bottle of subpar wine

-turned the game on just in time for the Panthers to come out

-decided that everything is better with door prizes

-thought Lady Gaga did a really good job with the anthem

-filed my nails

-stood in front of the mirror contemplating the pimple coming up on my face and wondering who the hell gave it permission to visit

-checked twitter to see if the horrible #puppymonkeybaby was trending

-at the end of the first quarter, thought the game was unfortunately super boring

-ate pizza

-agreed that everybody really does love Paul Rudd

-at the end of the second quarter, thought the game was better, but forgettable

-(mostly) zoned out during the halftime show

-thought about whether or not I need to do anything for Valentine’s Day

-wrote this blog entry

-headed to bed before the game ended


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