Review: ActionCameraKit GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit

Special Monday night blog post because I was thrown off by the long weekend and forgot to schedule this yesterday. Today I’m reviewing the ActionCameraKit GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit. List price $78.99, currently on sale for 50%.
Action Camera Kit - 1
*The camera is not included in this kit. I included it in the photos for scale/context.

I received this product for free for review purposes, but – as usual – all opinions are my own. The daughter got a GoPro for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is a really fun product, but you do need to invest in some accessories if you really want to get the most out of it. Some quick scrolling on Amazon shows that buying a kit like this is more affordable than buying individual bits.

Let’s start with a bit of the product description from ActionCameraKit:

Are You Fed Up With The Mess Of Your GoPro Accessories? Can’t remember what you have and what you don’t, want to go for a bike ride or for a SCUBA dive and take some underwater shots? Now it’s the time for the all in one kit, where you find all the accessories that you need to create the ultimate footage of your greatest moments.

Why Choose the ActionCameraKit GoPro Accessories case?
It’s a Monday morning and you’re taking your motorcycle for a ride, you love the ride and the adrenaline spreads throughout your body, it’s amazing! You want to tell your friends about this amazing feeling but you can’t find the words.

How about trying a product that will capture the moment while you just enjoy the ride?
In the GoPro accessories All-in-one Kit by ActionCameraKit you will have the perfect Helmet Mount that will hold your camera steady in its place so you can enjoy your ride. In the kit you will find up to 30 additional accessories for your action camera for multiple purposes of use. You can take it for a dive with the floating grip, take photos with the chest strap or take funny selfie pictures, it’s all there waiting for you.

Action Camera Kit - 2
Action Camera Kit - 3
And now my thoughts:

First impression? Love the case. If you are going to have this many accessories, you definitely need the case to keep it all organized in one place. Also, it comes with a free 8GB memory card. Woot! Always nice to have an extra one around.

The accessories appear to be good quality, but not amazing. What do I mean by that? This is a great inexpensive starter kit for the casual GoPro user. I can’t say I’d feel 100% confident strapping the helmet mount on and going all Evel Knievel though.

My only complaint? The kit only has one universal mount, a part that attaches to the suction cup mount, selfie stick, and tripod and is only about four inches long. If are clumsy and lose it or break it, you would lose the use of three parts.

Did you think I was going to let this post go by without showing you at least one of my test videos? I attempted to film my drive into work in the morning including dropping the daughter off at school and making my occasionally run to Starbucks. Unfortunately, user error led to the suction mount falling off of my window in the driveway (I never can get a suction cup to work right the first time). Since we were already running late at that point, the camera stayed in my purse until I had time to fix it in the drive thru.

So, here is my drive to work from the Starbuck’s drive thru. Taking the long way so you have more to look at.


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