Birchbox – 2015 Review

I decided to spend a little time examining my Birchbox subscription to make sure I was getting value for my money before renewing for next year. I felt like I was getting a good deal, but I like mail a lot so my opinion may have been a little skewed.
Being the nerd that I am, I made a chart.
Birchbox 2015 Recap

*Used $10 in points to get the second box available that month.
**Free box due to the yearly subscription discount.

FYI: Every 100 points is equal to $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop. I make a point to only spend my points on items I need regularly or gifts. In 2015, I earned $60 in points.

As it goes, I feel pretty good about that. Even if you subtract the extra $100 from October, I’m pleased with the value for my money. I do either use all of the products, pass them on to my daughter, or swap them for something I will use – in other words, nothing is going to waste. I don’t remember the last time I had to go out and buy myself mascara or pick up moisturizer for my daughter. [All that being said. . . I’ve decided not to renew next year. I have plenty of the kind of products Birchbox sends.]

Overall I ended up with:

Makeup Products and Accessories – 19 items
Skincare – 16 items
Hair Care and Accessories – 10 items
Bath – 8 items
Body/Hand Lotions – 4 items
Perfume – 3 Items

My favorite product this year was Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer (from my October box). A little boring, yes, but I use Smashbox primer every day and it is a little pricey. Getting a sample is really helpful.

And my favorite new-to-me product this year was Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (from my July box). So good. I have a short pixie cut making texturing spray heaven in a can. I’ve already used all of this and traded for a second bottle.

I dislike the perfume samples, but three isn’t really that bad. Aside from the perfume, the most useless sample I received was St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion (from my August box). Not bad really and a good size sample, but something that I am never going to use. Never ever. Unfortunately, no one else wanted it either so it is just sitting in my drawer taking up space.

The sample I disliked the most was Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush Mascara (from my October box). Bad stuff. I tossed it after two uses.


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