The Christmas Eve Countdown

My Christmas spirit is still missing and the 70 degree weather/tornado watch isn’t helping one bit. With no natural holiday cheer, I had to purchase the store-bought kind.
No, that isn’t all for me. Except for the Pimm’s, that one is all mine.

Since I’ve been sick and feeling like a bit of a Grinch, I haven’t gotten all of my holiday stuff done and I’m feeling that stress that people always talk about. For the first time. I don’t usually experience a lot of holiday stress because I finish all of my stuff extra early in an evil plan to enjoy and soak up every minute of Christmas joy. In general, I don’t really see why the holidays have to be a stressful time, so I’m just dropping some of my regular holiday stuff off of the list. I’d rather be as stress-free as possible than finish it all.

Oh, well. This year I wasn’t able to finish all of my cards (sorry if you don’t get one, it isn’t because I forgot you!), didn’t do any of our regular pre-holiday activities, and still need to purchase one gift. I’m probably out braving the store while you are reading this to buy that gift and some dollar store nonsense for tomorrow’s white elephant bingo fun. After that I have to finish wrapping presents. Those are all must-dos.

Tonight we are going to hit up a candlelight service then let the kids change into their pajamas and head to our state capitol – a Christmas Eve tradition in our family. I’m going to try really, really hard not to have a bah humbug look on my face the whole time.

But hey, at least we got the tree up!
IMG_1276 2

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. See you guys in January! I’m taking a few days off.


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