Super Epic Wish List Time!

It is a bit of a tradition for me to compile a dream wish list for my birthday or Christmas. It’s pretty fun to just sit and spend some time thinking about random things I would like to have. These are the kind of things that I wouldn’t buy for myself, would never except to be gifted, can’t afford, or are absolutely absurd.

Pencil Me InMy list isn’t in any particular order, but what would be on the top of your list if you could have anything you want? None of that world peace stuff, I’m talking about something material. Go ahead, be selfish; it’s all pretend.

Pencil Me In Flat ($100)
I have loved these for years. I’ve put them into my shopping cart many times, but just can’t click buy. I refuse to pay $100 for pencil shoes. I just have to draw the line somewhere. Plus the reviews tend to say they are a bit uncomfortable.

Life Membership in the Arkansas Historical Association ($500)
This is one of those things that I just can’t see myself cutting the check on even though I pay membership fees every year and plan to continue doing so.

This phone case with Christopher Walken’s head in a historic painting of a soldier. ($35)
Or maybe Tom Selleck. Or Jean Claude Van Damme. This is one of those things I could easily buy for myself, but probably won’t. Or might really want to, but then not be able to decide which celebrity head I like best.

Christopher Walken - Society6

Four Bedroom Home ($$$$)
Something like this little number that is described as a “Dutch Colonial home w/a Southern Living floor plan.”
The inside needs all kinds of updating, but I could be quite at home there. In general, I’d so love to move to a home with an extra bedroom so we could move the little man’s equipment out of the dining and maybe-just-maybe find an actual useable office space other than our current tiny kitchen nook. This won’ happen anytime soon for one big reason – we are broke and can’t afford to move. Shit, I’m still paying off the new windows in our current home! The thought of moving stresses me out though. We’d have to stay in our current school district to avoid moving the little man away from teachers and therapists he is just getting used to, but that district goes north and I really wouldn’t want to move any farther from downtown where we both work.

Another reason that particular house is just a dream? Those stairs would be a big problem. The little man needs a first floor bedroom and bathroom.

Dreaming about realistic homes isn’t very much fun though. Let’s go big, but still local. Something like this $2.95 million “Tuscan retreat.” I’d need to de-Tuscanfy it, but the outside is gorgeous. There is also this $3.95 million 14,000 sq ft option, but it is all kinds of ugly. Not that I would complain if someone bought it for me. I think I would feel most at home in this $1.2 million contemporary home. I could move in tomorrow.

The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, signed first-edition ($38,000)
If I had that kind of money, I would buy this in a heartbeat. Certainly before I took any old luxury vacation. It isn’t just signed – H. G. Wells drew a little bearded guy on the page.

Weeklong Getaway at Amberley Castle in West Sussex ($5,000-$7,500)
“Privately owned by Andrew and Christina Brownsword, this magnificent 900-year-old castle is enclosed by a 60 foot high curtain wall and portcullis that remains open, behind which you will discover an enchanting hotel offering the highest standards of food and service. Bedrooms are resplendent with the luxurious facilities you would expect from a country house hotel.”
Ahhhhh, sounds good. I could go for some of that right now.
Amberley Castle


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