That Time I Bought Some Bracelets That Turned Out to be a Napkin Ring

The title of this post kinds of gives the whole thing away, but it is funny and makes me feel like an idiot. .. so I’ll share.

Black Friday weekend I hit up to buy a few of their super-soft throws that were on sale for $8.99. Retail price on these is $39.99 and you usually don’t see them in the store under $25 or so. I’m cheap and jumped at the chance to replace some of our couch blankets. Do you have couch blankets? You should get some. By the way, this isn’t a sponsored Kohls post, I just feel like a cuddly marshmallow when I wrap myself up in one of these blankets. It makes me sound a little bit like a commercial.

Anywho, after filling my cart with four blankets and a couple of other things I had my eye on, I reached that magical price point where you can either pay shipping or add about the same amount of merchandise to get free shipping. They were also doing Kohl’s Cash, so I was really motivated to add something else to my cart.

Not needing anything else in particular, I haphazardly grabbed holiday socks for our stockings. Great! Still needed one more thing though. And then I saw it . . . a little set of silver bangles for $2. It was stuck down in the “other things you might like” section just calling to me. Perfect! This will put me at my price point and be a nice addition to my daughter’s stocking. For reference, here is the photo from
Napkin Bangles
A few days later when I received my shipping email, I noticed a couple of extra words in the product description that hadn’t stood out to me during my shopping trip. I blame it on the leftover turkey.

SONOMA life + style® Bangles Napkin Ring

::sigh:: Yep, I bought a napkin ring. One lonely little napkin ring. I don’t even own cloth napkins. Not quite sure what to do with just one napkin ring, I hung it on the Christmas tree. It works.
Napkin Ring


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