Parties, and Cheerleading, and Fallout. . . Oh My!

I have something like six posts half-way done in draft mode, but wasn’t able to finish a single one this week. And yes, that includes the second part of Memoir of an Archivist After Death I promised to post today. Oh well, I’m going to give you some random updates instead.

Me: I’ve been really busy lately, but just with regular stuff not any extra projects or events. We are heading to a Junior League party tonight that will usher in all sorts of Christmas joy. After I finish my work shift, of course. Maybe during if I hit up the bar. You’ll be happy to know that I’m not serving as bartender this year. Last year that led to calling my designated driver, stumbling out to the car, spilling wine on my purse and . . . a whole lot of other things I don’t remember. Here, let me give you an example – the next morning I saw photos from the event including one of the members who were there. I said “aw, they took photos after I left!” only to see myself smiling right in the center. So sad, I’m too old to still have nights I can’t remember.

The husband let me build a character and play Fallout for a couple of hours. That was fun. It is kind of like Sims with weapons. I don’t think I have it in me to be a real gamer because my mind is constantly thinking about all of the other things I should be doing. Also, you can’t just take out the enemies by doing a massive sweep with your massive gun. Come on now.

I’m excited for Thanksgiving for the first time in . . . well, ever. Still counting down the days until I can put up our tree though. You can take the girl out of Christmas. . . you know, let me just give you a little taste of what it is like to live with me this time of year:
Christmas!All he was trying to do was drink some coffee and he gets bombarded with a camera and enough digital editing to kill a moose. Nope, that doesn’t make any sense. My husband humors me. Thanks, skillet! [I just gave him that nickname, so he is going to be confused.]

Skillet: I’ve mostly lost the husband to Fallout 4, but he is doing a decent job of pretending that he still wants to be around us and isn’t just waiting for us to go to bed so he gets the living room to himself. I really don’t know what else he has going on in his life right now aside from gaming and food. Is there anything?

The daughter: She gave a powerpoint presentation in our living room about why she should be allowed to switch schools next year. This didn’t come out of the blue; we’ve talked about moving schools in a couple of years. Still – I raise the kind of kid who thinks giving a well thought out and nerdy presentation is the way to get what she wants. Not ashamed about that one at all. Her only mistake was badmouthing National History Day. Never – NEVER! – speak ill about history projects in the household of a historian. Just sayin’. Aside from that, she is in full-on cheerleader mode as basketball just started up. Frankly, she is absolutely adorable in her uniform, but I’m having horrible glimpses of what life is going to be like in a couple of years when she reaches teenagehood. The girl is beautiful. Blonde, long legs, blue eyes. . . stunning. God help us all.

The little man: School is ticking along and I feel like he is getting more comfortable working with the new therapists in the new classroom. He still loves the bus driver best. He surprised us with some new motions to Wheel on the Bus a few nights ago – it is always exciting when your kid learns something new, but especially exciting when it involves making his brain work with his hands. Super!

Did you see the new Zoolander trailer? It looks incredibly overdone, but the first one made me laugh so I’ll see this too. Maybe while drinking an orange mocha frappuccino.


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