Arkansas Cornbread Festival, 2015


Yep. It’s a cornbread festival, ya’ll!

While the daughter was at a cheer event on Saturday, the husband, little man, and I hit up the fifth annual Arkansas Cornbread Festival. Food festivals aren’t usually on our to-do list because of our daughter’s food allergy. It’s no fun to watch other people eats treats while you are stuck listening to your parents repeat over and over again, “No, better not.” She was busy though, so the rest of the family jumped at the chance for some cornbread deliciousness.

Cornbread 1
The cornbread festival is your standard neighborhood street fair except with sample after sample of delicious cornbread from professionals and home cooks. Yum. Sometimes you just get cornbread, sometime it is deep-fried (of course), sometimes it comes with a side dish. Sometimes it is even disguised as a cake like this treat covered in honey butter whipped frosting by local bakery Sweet Love Bakes.

Cornbread - Sweet Love
The day turned out to be overcast and quite chilly. My very favorite kind of fall day. We planned well and arrived at the festival just after it started when it wasn’t very busy yet leaving ample room for wheelchair maneuvering – very important!

After trying all of it, my personal favorite this year was a delicious corn spoonbread with mushrooms, topped with a whipped crème fraîche made by South on Main. Totes delish.
Cornbread - South on Main
Cornbread 2


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