Saturday Review: Oak Leaf K-Cup Carousel

Oakleaf1I was recently able to revamp my coffee/tea area with the Oak Leaf Coffee Storage Carousel for K-Cup Pods. This particular model can hold 35 k-cups, rotates like your standard carousel, and comes with a three-year replacement guarantee.

My first impression? This thing is sturdy. When we first our out Keurig several years ago, I considered getting a carousel-style holder but found them to be wobbly and flimsy. I was surprised at the weight of the Oak Leaf version when I pulled it out the box. Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t heavy by any means, but it feels better constructed than some of the lightweight chrome kitchen and organization products.

So, let me show you what I was working with. The coffee area of our kitchen takes up on entire corner of our very small counter. It is reserved for coffee, my daughter’s growing tea obsession, alcohol, and a few random other drink-related products.
For a while I’ve been storing our k-cups in this basket made of newspaper. It is a great basket, but not optimum storage for this setup. It doesn’t hold very much, but is somehow still so packed that we kind of have to dig through it to find what we want and often make a big mess trying to find something special. It gets worse when I’m trying to make a cup for myself – we buy decaf and regular coffee of the same brand and this leads to a lot of picking one up, reading it, putting it back in, picking one up . . . etc. Not a huge deal, but a hassle that could improved.

And here is what we ended up with after I added the Oak Leaf carousel.
So nice! It is a small change, but it makes a big impact. The carousel tidies up the space and makes it easier to find the k-cup we are looking for. Plus! It holds a lot more than my basket. You can see from the photos that my basket was reaching its maximum storage level. I transferred all of those to the Oak Leaf carousel and still have half of it open for more. Since we’ve reached November, I’m going to buy some seasonal flavors to fill that thing up!

Oakleaf6My overall impression? I wasn’t sure if I would like the carousel setup, but I’m really happy with it. The Oak Leaf carousel is sturdy, streamlined, and practical. Recommended!

Now I just need to figure out a better option for all that tea. . .

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not otherwise compensated for this post.

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