Randomness, Bullet Points, and Very Important Information

  • Look! It is another post filled with random information and gifs! I’m so original.

  • Over the weekend my husband took our sectional apart then put it back together reversed and rotated. Or something. It is kind of difficult to explain, but the end result is a similarly shaped sectional facing a different direction. Yay for modular furniture! He took on this task to make room for the little man’s recliner. Somehow, even though we added an additional piece of furniture, the room feels larger. It is also about 200% cozier. I am confused by this furniture illusion.

  • It is cool outside and I’m loving it. [Did you say that to the McDonald’s tune? That’s how I typed it.] We’ve also had several drizzly, nasty, overcast, rainy days in a row. I’m loving that too.
    Addams Family Rain

  • On Sunday, I reheated some chicken in the oven. It took a total of twelve minutes. I burned myself.

  • The daughter got braces last Thursday. Her two front teeth already look different. The orthodontist said those particular teeth would move fast, but I didn’t think he meant in a matter of days. Speaking of braces, I’m really ticked off about the price. Unless you are correcting something major, insurance covers next to nothing. But we live in a society where straight teeth are expected. Braces are no longer a luxury product, but they are still priced like one. Just consider the huge number of adults getting braces and products like Invisalign today – we’ve lived through a big teeth change, people! Oh well, nothing to do but make my monthly payments and complain.

  • I am counting down the days until I can put up Christmas decorations. I may have already listened to holiday music . . . multiple times.

  • I tried to make a funny blog post about things I irrationally hate and things I love (in theory). Unfortunately, I am a cranky bitch so my hate list kept growing while the love list was stuck at two. Want some examples from the irrationally hate list? Red colored mulch, long instrumental breaks in songs, people who name their cars, pink colored weapons, iPhones. At one point ranch dressing was on the list, but I decided that one was completely rational and scratched it off.

  • I may have recently said “because I’m adorable” in a serious professional conversation. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed by this gaffe, amused at my humor, or amazed by my audacity. I’ve decided just to try and ignore it unless it comes back to haunt me.

  • Sometimes I have to say “I need you to stop talking” just to get a word in edgewise with my daughter. She is too extroverted for me.

  • People keep asking me if we’ve figured out what we are going to do with the little man this summer. The short answer is. . . No. The long answer is. . . No and we don’t really have any good options. There just isn’t care out there for someone as disabled as the little man. At least, not that I’ve found yet. So far, I have two options on my list: 1) Hire a nanny (can’t afford that) or 2) One of us quit our job (can’t afford that either). It is kind of terrifying.


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