Sometimes . . .

Sometimes when you walk to work in the morning, you realize people can see straight through your dress when the sun hits it. Then you thank you lucky stars that you decided to wear underwear.

Sometimes you realize your dress is tucked in to the back of your underwear just before you walk out to the school bus. Then you say a little silent prayer of thanks.
Sometimes you need to treat a Monday night like a Friday night.

Sometimes you regret that decision when the alarm goes off Tuesday morning.
Sometimes you want to sleep on the couch just to get some alone time without having to stick your spouse with all of the work.

Sometimes when driving through the parking deck singing RuPaul’s Click Clack very loudly, you realize your window is still partly open. Hope everyone enjoyed being serenaded . . . poorly.
Click Clackdaddyjail

Sometimes you get so tired of changing diapers you want to set them ablaze in a giant backyard bonfire. Burn them all!

Sometimes looking at your calendar for October makes you want to crawl in bed and cry, but that’s cool. Just keep swimming.
Sometimes the only acceptable lunch is nachos.

Sometimes you don’t have time to blog so you throw some random sentences and fun gifs together and hope it counts.anigif_enhanced-13912-1443459222-2


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