Adventures in Nashville-ing

The husband, the daughter, and I took a short trip to Nashville over the weekend to hit up an Ed Sheeran concert. The husband is a huge fan and I enjoy several of his songs, so it seemed like a good thing to do.

Nashville or Mordor?
It is a little known fact that Mordor was based on Nashville. Tolkien had a bad experience with the Coyote Ugly girls and the rest is literary history.

An Aside: Do you guys ever listen to entire albums now that things like iTunes and Spotify exist? I don’t. This means that I end up liking individual songs rather than artists. For example, right now one of my favorite songs is “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell. I can’t tell you a single other song by that person/group/robot. I’ve never even clicked on the band name to see their other songs until just now when I went to discover that Coleman Hell is in fact an individual.

So, Ed Sheeran was all sort of awesome.

First of all, as I already posted on Facebook and Instagram, I’m thrilled to live in a world where a shaggy ginger in cargo shorts can stand on stage and command the attention of a sold out arena.

Secondly, it was just him in stage with a guitar, a couple of microphones, and a foot-operated loop board. Every song had a really long intro while he laid down the individual parts and started them looping. Even if you don’t care for or know who Ed Sheeran is, you have to have some respect for a dude who can do that. I can’t even walk in a straight line. Plus, he is only twenty-four.

Thirdist, it was loud. I mean, really loud. Ed Sheeran was as loud, if not louder than, the System of a Down/Rammstein/Slipknot concert I went to once. [Fun fact: I went for just Rammstein, one of my all-time favorite bands.] How is that possible? My ears were ringing when we left.

Ed Sheeran
Tiny dude. Big stage.

This started me off on a concert-going-nostalgia party. I’m not a big concert goer (more of a broadway play seer, really), but I do get out occasionally. Here is my short concert life rundown.

Who I’ve seen with opening acts, if I can remember:
Maroon 5/Sugar Ray/Matchbox Twenty
Uncle Cracker/Kid Rock [well, this one is embarrassing]
Barenaked Ladies [some lady opened for them, like Alanis Morrissette, but not Alanis Morrissette]
Mudvayne /Rammstein/ System of a Down /Slipknot
Queens of the Stone Age /Nine Inch Nails
Justin Timberlake [no opening act]
Jamie Lawson/Christina Perri/Ed Sheeran

Who I tried to see:
Bush [sadly, I was only 13 and this kid was shut down]
Rob Zombie/ Ozzy Osbourne [ Ozzy broke his leg]

Who I could love to see:
Die Antwoord [but that seems like the kind of place you would get stabbed]
Mumford & Sons [as long as they don’t play anything from that last album]
Adam Lambert/Bruno Mars [Seriously, I’d like this to be a thing.]
MIKA/Scissor Sisters

Who I can never see:
The Doors
Hanson [shut up]

Aside from the concert, we hit up the County Music Hall of Fame and explored a four-block radius from our hotel. I’m not a fan of country music, but the museum was interesting and did a good job appealing to people who aren’t visiting because they know anything about the style of music. Also, I saw Dolly Parton’s handwritten copy of Jolene. Worth it.

I do love me some Dolly.

What else did we do: ate duck fat tater tots, bought candy, visited Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch on the drive home, bought a t-shirt, took NyQuil. Head on over to Instagram to see the rest of my photos.


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