Meet Me in St. Louis, Day 4


We took advantage of nothing being open in the morning to sleep in. First stop of the day – brunch at Layla, “St. Louis’ only Gourmet Burger & Shawarma Joint.” The regular menu online looked delicious and the brunch menu looked okay, but not as delicious (we forgot about it being Sunday and didn’t look at the brunch menu beforehand). From our seats, we could see the line waiting to get into Sweetie Pie’s. No thank you; there should be no lines at brunch.

I ordered the Havanah Sunrise Stacker (menu description: shaved ham, smoked pulled pork, melted swiss, chartreuse pickles, dijon aioli and two eggs any style on grilled sourdough). The husband ordered the Pork Belly Skillet (menu description: smoked cured diced pork belly, peppers, onions, and sweet potato home fries. topped with two eggs any style and a roasted garlic aioli). The daughter settled on a traditional burger. She was the winner of the day – that burger was spectacular. The husband and I found our meals to be lackluster. I’ll give my stacker the benefit of the doubt because I like my eggs scrambled and therefore deprived it of the drippy goodness that might have tied everything together. The husband’s pork belly was disastrously overcooked.

Next stop: Budweiser!
We had the most fun of the day here and ended up staying for several hours. It was busy – we had to wait an hour and a half for our free tour – but the gift shop was big and the beer was on tap. The tour was approximately forty-five minutes and was wheelchair accessible. A lot of that time spent leading the group from building to building, so I think it was a good length to keep people interested. They had several other tour options too (some free, some not).

At one point our tour guide said my favorite line of the day “After this step you have a beer, but not the king of beers.” I’m not a Bud drinker – or a beer drinker, really – but I thought that was really funny and effective. Adult visitors get a sample of beer in the middle of the tour (just Bud or Bud Light) and then a token for a full-sized free one at the end (anything they have on tap). FYI: Sodas are free at the bar, but it gets very backed up when a tour lets out.

Let’s be honest though, I was just there to see the Clydesdales.
It was late in the day when we left Budweiser and we didn’t have time to go anywhere else before Sunday-night closing time. We ended up driving to St. Charles to see their historic Main Street. The city was founded in 1769, was the site of the first state capitol, and was the starting point for Lewis and Clark. The Main Street is adorable. I may have squealed a bit. We didn’t actually get out and walk around, so I’ll just show you some taken by other people.

Top: "Historic Saint Charles Main Street 3". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.  Bottom: "St Charles MO Stone Row" and "1st Capitol St Charles MO" by Smallbones. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Top: “Historic Saint Charles Main Street 3”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Bottom: “St Charles MO Stone Row” and “1st Capitol St Charles MO” by Smallbones. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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