Meet Me in St. Louis, Day 3

We were slow to get up on Saturday morning, but once we finally rolled out of bed and made ourselves presentable the first stop was the St. Louis Science Center. My family is a sucker for a good science center and this one delivered.

Overall it was your standard science center – a mix of new shiny exhibits and older well-loved exhibits. It also had animatronic dinosaurs and a crap-load of stuff to touch. My daughter’s favorite part was the area dedicated to different kind of structures. She actually did the activities at all of the little centers. The little man’s favorite part was the fossil/dinosaur section. Lots and lots of things to touch.
We ended up staying long enough to eat lunch at the science center (pretty good for museum food, if you are curious). Next stop: Gooey Louie for delicious gooey butter cakes. The owner at Gooey Louie was a little odd (talking about the cakes being homemade and not from a Chinese assembly line, etc. It was borderline racist.), but the cakes were delicious. Are delicious, I mean; we brought it home with us and are still eating. You do not need a big piece to satisfy that sweet tooth.

We headed back to the hotel to save the cakes from melting in the family truckster and took the opportunity for a little rest. Nothing wrong with all four family members piling on top of a king-sized bed to close their eyes, talk, and snuggle.

With our second wind approaching, we got back in the truckster bound for the St. Louis Galleria for shopping. Why this mall? Eh, it seemed like the most well-rounded to spend a few hours in. And we did spend a few hours; we walked out the door ten minutes before the entire place closed.

Of course, that stay also included dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. This kind of breaks on of our vacation rules: Local food only! On one hand, it is a national chain and really isn’t anything special. On the other hand, we don’t actually have a Cheesecake Factory anywhere in our home state and well. . . cheesecake. Here, let me throw in a visual aid:
One final stop before bed (Walgreens for blister band aids and green tea) and – once again – we fell into bed, satisfied and exhausted.


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