eBay + Free $$ + Wine = ?

I recently found myself in possession of a $50 eBay gift card after writing a few guides through a couple of BzzAgent campaigns. Usually I would take this kind of surprise money to buy something the family needed – maybe not completely necessary, but needed. Putting it towards a birthday/Christmas gift or buying one of our regularly used products for example. This time however, I decided to buy random nonsense for me. It took a while to write those guides; I totally deserved it.

Let me share my spoils.

1. Photo of Louise from Bob’s Burgers signed by Kristen Schaal
I’ve been all about Bob’s Burgers lately and Louise might just be my spirit animal. Not too sure what I’m going to do with this though; I don’t have any interest in collecting autographs.
2. Tiny teacup from occupied Japan
Did you really think I could spend free eBay money without buying another teacup for my collection? You did? Really? Well, you don’t know me at all! [slams door]
3. Magic Brain Calculator
It is missing the stylus, but is still going to look pretty neat sitting on my bookshelves. Confused? Check out this youtube video to see how it works.
4. Jimmy Carter peanut necklace
This is creepy and wonderful; how could I not add it to my wardrobe? I first wanted to get the creepy smiling peanut ceramic bank, but the bids went higher than I wanted to pay. I still had more to buy, of course!
5. Teeth!
I had to buy this. Obviously.


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