And It Begins!

Wheel Chair - iStock_000011476045LargeThe little man’s kindergarten journey, I mean. And guess what?! You, dear readers, are going to get to accompany us as we navigate this new territory.

We had our first meeting with the district’s special education coordinator last week. It was mainly just to meet at the little man’s current school, make sure all of the referrals were ready to go, and ask any questions we might have about the process.

And to fill out forms, of course. Probably some we have already filled out before. Many that are incredibly difficult to complete. You know the ones – where they give you two lines to describe your child’s medical conditions (ha! I’m going to need a second page) and give you tiny blanks to explain what your child can’t do or has trouble with. Um. . let me tell you what he CAN do and you just assume he struggles with the rest.

Seriously. The little man qualifies as profoundly disabled; those forms aren’t written for us.

That being said, the special ed coordinator seemed friendly and – more than anything – I’m thrilled to be getting this process started. The next meeting will involve some actual discussion about eligibility, placements, and needs.

I’ll keep you updated!


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