Saturday Review: Japan Crate, May 2015


Umashi Oasi Cheetos
Japan Crate description: Not as intense as your typical Cheetos, these Umashi Cheetos have a mellow, sweet and salty corn taste. The more you eat them, the more you’ll love them!

Playfullytacky opinion: These are strangely sweet, but it works.

Yaokin Maple Hot Cakes
Japan Crate description: A complete pancake experience without the mess. Thick, delicious maple filling sandwiched between two perfectly moist pancakes.

Playfullytacky opinion: Oh my gosh, I want to eat these every day. The little cookies tasted like the last couple of bits of a plate of diner pancakes – you know, the bits that have been soaking in syrup. So delicious.

Ginbisu Chocolate Bar Z
Japan Crate description: A light wafer stick that has been soaked in rich, chocolatey goodness. A unique texture between smooth and chocolatey and crunchy. It’s a whole new experience!

Playfullytacky opinion: Kind of like a churro mixed with a melted chocolate bar. Difficult to explain, but the Tacky husband loved it.

Chocolate in Disguise
Japan Crate description: Chocolate is a lot like us – when it gets bored, it puts on a costume. . . well at least these chocolates! Each character has unique fortunes for each color.

Playfullytacky opinion: These kind of tasted like harder Sixlets and were fine. They were less like candy I would want to buy for a treat and more like something I would add to goody bags.


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