And I Would Walk 1,119.5 Miles, Cont.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read part one of our trip to Austin here.

Saturday started as you might expect a childfree weekend vacation to start – with sleeping in. We finally rolled out of bed around ten and got ourselves ready to head to the part that made this trip a “meat pilgrimage” . . . The Salt Lick!

The Salt Lick is a well-known barbecue joint about an hour outside of Austin that doesn’t accept checks and is BYOB. Although, they technically have a “winery” next door that sells beer you can bring over with you. Heavy markup, I would imagine. We stuck with soda, so I can’t really comment I guess.

The food was good. I was a little worried about the mustard-based sauce – being a ketchup-based girl myself – but was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t care for the taste of the spicy, but enjoyed the regular quite a bit. I also like that they asked me exactly how I wanted my brisket – lean, fatty, burnt ends. I choose a mix of lean and burnt ends, if you are curious. Brisket was a change for me too, actually. I’m general of the “no-bbq-but-pork-bbq” kind of person.

My verdict: it was yummy, but even if I lived in Austin the drive would keep me from ever going there. I’m not a big barbecue connoisseur (or even a big fan of meat), so I’ll let my husband speak for the quality of this joint.

Tacky Husband’s Meat Review: Delicious. The brisket was the best part, but I really enjoyed the massive beef rib – you don’t typically see big beef ribs like that in Arkansas (pork, pork, pork). It was the size of my face. I probably would have been able to finish all of my food if there had been some beer with the meal. Worthy of the hype? Yeah, I think so.


After stuffing ourselves, we drove around a bit and headed for South Congress Street for some stereotypical Austin shopping. We made a couple of random purchases, but mostly just explored. And stopped for an afternoon drink, of course.

Next up. . . Gourdough’s.

I’d been there before and knew I had to share this deliciousness with the husband. This time I indulged in the “Mama’s Cake” donut – yellow cake batter filling with chocolate fudge Icing – and the husband had the “Fat Elvis” donut – grilled bananas and bacon with peanut butter icing and honey. I have never been able to explain how delicious these are, so I’ll just say this: If you are ever in Austin, head straight to Gourdough’s. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. You won’t need it; the donuts aren’t expensive.


Our last stop for the evening was the Alamo Drafthouse for a Master Pancake screening of The Goonies. According to the Alamo’s website, “Master Pancake is the Alamo Drafthouse tradition of pairing questionable movies with live comedy (and beer)! It’s smart, fast, and bust-a-gut funny.”

And it really was pretty funny. I probably almost busted-a-gut, but that might have been from filling up on the doughnut. My favorite joke of the whole night was when the movie started and Master Pancake pointed out that simply changing the opening song could turn the whole thing into a Wes Anderson movie. It was true. It was hilariously true!

Sunday started with a late brunch at a tex-mex restaurant, Maudie’s at the Triangle. Delicious. And we set out for home all happy-go-lucky. Unfortunately, the trip was a bitch. We ended up stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate and it took us a little over three hours to go approximately 70 miles. By the time we pulled off at the glorious, shining Buc-ee’s I mentioned in my last post, we were cranky and I had a headache from gritting my teeth.

Thank God for Buc-ee’s.


Traffic was better from that point on and once we made it to Dallas it was as we expected. We ate dinner at a sad Taco Bell, rocked out to some awesome ‘90s music for a few hours, and eventually made it home. Eleven hours after we left Austin.

I did not sign up for an eleven hour road trip, fyi. But I’m going to assume that – just like childbirth – one day I will forget the pain and want to do it all over again.


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