And I Would Walk 1,119.5 Miles

Okay, so we drove.

Hey there! I didn’t mean to go incognito for so long, but I got caught up in real life. And – let’s be honest here – Netflix. I’m not going to bore you with my stress binge-watching though; let’s talk about the road trip my husband and I took to Austin, Texas, last weekend.

Why did we go to Austin? Technically for the husband’s birthday, but the trip was really for both of us. Unplugging and getting away from the house is a necessity for us or else raising the little man can become overwhelming. I used to feel fairly guilty about it (and still do to a point) because there are so many other things we should be spending money on (or, in this case, adding to the van down payment savings account). Still, I’ve come to realize the difference a weekend away makes when you return to hauling around a five year old, changing diapers way past diaper-changing-age, and measuring food for his tube.

Anyway, we decide to road trip this one. I love road trips. Or I used to, but more on that later.
After dropping the kids off at school Friday morning, we set out on the seven hour drive. Overall, the drive down was just great. The weather was nice, traffic was light, and we made excellent time.
Our only big pit stop on the way down was for kolaches at the Czech Stop in West, Texas. I’ve driven through this area before, but never pulled off the freeway to investigate. Man, was I missing out. Turns out, kolaches are delicious. I had a coconut cream and poppy seed. The husband enjoyed strawberry cream cheese and peach (on the way home he picked up regular cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese, as well as a giant cinnamon roll for the daughter). Great road fuel, for sure. Related reading from The New York Times: The Kolache: Czech, Texan or All-American? (All Three).


At some point we passed a billboard alerting me to a Buc-ees only seventy-something miles away. I believe my exact response was “OH MY GOD, A BUC-EES! I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS ONE ON THIS SIDE OF AUSTIN!” My husband was a little confused when I informed him that Buc-ees was a gas station. He understood my excitement when we finally passed it in Temple, Texas, though, shining on the hill like a desert oasis. We didn’t actually get to stop until the trip home, so stay tuned for that excursion.

We arrived in Austin around 5:30 and made our way to where we were staying. I booked a lovely little cottage through AirBnB and it was absolutely wonderful. While we were packing the night before, I told my husband I was sure if we would have an iron (thereby alerting him to the untypical nature of our accommodations). When I finally revealed we were going to Austin just before we walked out of the door, his next question was “Where are we staying?” and I enjoyed responded “With some guy.” Ha! It was a great place to stay though – quiet, clean, cozy, with easy parking. I loved coming back to something that felt a little homier each night.

Tired from the driving, we took it easy the first night. First stop – the Driskill hotel for a drink. I’ve only been to Austin once before and regretted not making it to see the Driskill, so this was a must-do. Actually, I originally wanted to stay there, but I was trying to stick to a good budget for this trip. Wow! The Driskill was gorgeous and sitting in their bar listening to a singer with a ZZTop beard was a great way to start the evening. Didn’t see any ghosts though. Maybe next time.

Driskill Blog

After that was dinner at the Iron Cactus. We’ve been to this restaurant in Dallas before, but made an exception because 1) I forgot, 2) we didn’t want to wander around looking for someplace else, and 3) it wasn’t just a bar (we were on 6th Street). Yum. After stopping at a couple of stores and buying t-shirts for the kids, we called it a night and headed back to our room.

Iron Cactus


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