Month of Mayhem

I don’t know how it happened, but this next month has really just exploded in our house.
So. Much. To. Do.

Here is my May:

Junior League yard sale – Okay, I’ll be honest. This one was last weekend and I bailed because I felt like crap. I was supposed to help sort and tag items Friday night for a yard sale fundraiser the next morning, but just wasn’t up for it. Big thanks to my husband who not only dropped off our donations, but woke up at 6am on Saturday morning to help load some random bits of furniture also headed to the yard sale. There is a bit of good news that comes out of this whole thing though – my dining room is no longer a storage area. Yay!

CopyrightX exam – I’ve been taking a copyright course this spring and it is finally exam time. The exam went live Friday afternoon and is due Monday (today!). It is supposed to take around eight hours to complete, but since I’m not a lawyer I suspect it will take me longer. Great class though, really loved it.

Freelance article – Another thing due Monday (today! – let’s hope I’ve sent it on its way by the time you read this).

Preparing for the reappraisal – We are refinancing our mortgage (something we really needed to do a couple of years ago) and planning for an appraisal later this week. Our household is on a big cleaning/finishing projects/yard work binge in an effort to get every last dime we can out of this process. I’ll be happy when it is all over and we can go back to being bums again.

Doctor appointment – This isn’t a big time suck, but is more of an amazing annoyance. I’ve been switching up my birth control and have to go back to the office on Monday (today!) for a pregnancy test so I can move on to a different option. I just had a pregnancy test when I tried to start this whole process at the end of March. I’m not pregnant. Promise. Still have to go pee in a cup though.

Hair appointment – Okay, this is just fun for me. I’m allowed to have something fun on the list, right?

Saturday school (detention) and Saturday school (regular) – The daughter had Saturday school detention over the weekend for being tardy to class three times in one week (not my fault – these were tardies to individual classes – parents are in the clear!). She also has a regular Saturday school day later this month to make up for a snow day. None of us are thrilled about having to wake up early.

Birthday road trip – Something else fun! I’m taking my husband on a meat pilgrimage road trip for his birthday. I can’t say anymore than that; he reads this blog and is still completely in the dark about this trip. I’m surprising him. [Not only does he read this blog, he got on to me earlier for letting too many typos slip through. Sorry I write when I’m sleepy, ya’ll.]

Cheerleader fundraisers – Four cheerleading fundraisers, to be exact. No complaints here. All of the money we raise = money that doesn’t have to come out of the parent’s pockets. But it does make for a busy month (longer actually, this will continue in June). My kid will be able to attend two, maybe three, of the four.

Conference – I’m unexpectedly making an appearance at the final day of the annual meeting of my regional career organization. I was planning on skipping this year, but ended up being elected to a position. I’m super excited about this opportunity and want to make an in-person connection since it has been a year (or more) since I’ve seen any of these people. Fun, but busy. Right now I’m looking at flying in on Friday afternoon, hitting up some events, then flying out on Saturday. I’m not the kind of person who travels well like this. Fair warning.

Dance recital practice – The daughter’s dance recital is coming up the first weekend in June. At the very end of this month, she has a final big practice (not the dress rehearsal, but just before that).

Junior League annual meeting – Time to close out another League year. This year has been a little weird for me; I haven’t been as involved as I’m used to and even called out sick for my first meeting ever. Really I just haven’t felt as “plugged-in” this year. The annual meeting is always a ton of fun though. I love seeing our year recapped.

So, that is my May. And here is a ham:
Get it?! Get it?! May-ham? Ha. I’m so clever. Me = cooler than the other side of the pillow.


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