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We went to see John Waters on Saturday night at the Arkansas Literacy Festival. I have been looking forward to this for months and – let’s be honest here– was a little out of my mind with excitement by mid-day.

I even put on a full face of makeup. Well, full face minus lipstick. Seriously, who has time for lipstick? I have at least fifty lipsticks, glosses, tars, and stains, but probably only wear it a couple of times a month. I spent some time fixing my hair too, but that was a waste because the weather just weighed it down. Oh well.

After setting my mother up to babysit (+ one extra kid), we headed for a nice dinner at a local place across from the theater. We both splurged on food; I had bacon cheese friends and my husband had nachos. It was a great dinner seated beside a big open window where we could people watch. Even though it had been hot most of the day, it was started to cool off and my allergies weren’t acting up [warning: foreshadowing].

A nice [drunk] lady in line for concessions at the theater told my husband that I moved like a gazelle. Not typically the metaphor you apply to a fat lady, so kept mentioning it all night long. I’ll take that, for sure.

By the time John Waters made it out on stage I was all smiles. I went in planning to pick out a few of my favorite quotes to share with you, but forgot in all the laughing. We had a really great time.

He signed afterwards and was just lovely. Overall, a great night.
Unfortunately, the husband and I woke up Sunday morning feeling like butt . . . as if our introvert personalities needed a reminder of how un-fun crowds can be. Not really sure if we picked up something or if sitting by an open window for an hour while eating dinner sent our allergies into overtime.

I’m writing this about 4pm on Sunday afternoon and it could go either way. Cross your fingers for allergies, there is no time to be sick for real; the little man has an EEG tomorrow morning [Monday], so we have to be up and ready to go. I pretty frustrated to have spent most of my day on the couch with no relief in site (for tonight, anyway). Of course, this is one of my busy weeks; I can already see my to-do list snowballing towards a couple of Friday and Monday deadlines. Yikes!


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