Saturday Review: Briogeo Hair Mask

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask
5.25 oz, $26

I received a sample of this from Birchbox or Ipsy sometime last year or the end of the year before. Since then, I’ve swapped other beauty box goods for three more samples. It is a great product.

The 1 oz. sample tub is a great size to try out. For someone like me with a short cut, it is practically a bucket, but even long-haired ladies (and gentleman!) will get enough for a few uses since you will likely just be treating the ends of your hair.

When my hair was longer, I used the Briogeo once a week on my ends to combat damage from blow-drying and it worked wonderfully. I stopped using it for a while, as my short cut rarely needs deep conditioning (or conditioning of any kind), but started up again lately. You see, I dyed a swoop of hair on the front of my head an Elsa-blonde. It was lovely, but every difficult to maintain and now I’m going through the long process of building color back up on the hair.

Now, I didn’t do all of this dying at home. Oh no, this was professionally done so my hair isn’t damaged, but it is very. . .confused and dry with a tendency to frizz. A few minutes with the Briogeo brought back the softness. A second round the next day brought back the shine. I’ll continue with weekly treatments until my hair returns to normal. Briogeo is excellent.

And I’m not the only one in the house that uses it. My husband used to use it on his hipster beard (now shaved). He liked it too.


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