Mr. Tacky: Super-Dad, Concert-Goer, Jerky-Eater

According to Facebook, I deserve Dad of the Year award. I’m not 100% sure that this is true, but I think something is in order.

You see, I took my daughter to Dallas to see Ariana Grande in concert. Just me and her. This involved a five hour drive, an overnight stay, and of course many, many screaming teen and pre-teen girls. I enjoy Ariana Grande’s music, but I’m not a “fan” by any means.

I’ll focus on the concert, but let me say first that downtown Dallas has improved since we last visited five or so years ago. The area was clean and felt safe. People now live in the area, not just the homeless, and it honestly just felt nicer.

We arrived at the concert pretty early. (The tech nerd in me was excited. I got to use TicketMaster’s Passbook feature, which kept copies of my tickets on my iPhone. It was cool not to have to keep up with paper copies.)

When we first went in, I noticed a lot of girls with light-up cat ear headbands (apparently this is an Ariana Grande thing?). I asked the first guy I saw about the cat ears and he told me a pair was $40! I laughed and we walked away. No way am I spending $40 for light up cat ears she’ll only wear once. [Yes. She did end up with a pair of cat ears. Whilst purchasing an over-priced t-shirt, I heard that the cat ears not only light up but sync to your phone and blink in rhythm to the show on stage. Again, I’m a tech nerd . . . so yeah, she got some damn ears.]

We were hungry, so we got some snacks and went to find our seats. Much to my surprise, our seats were AWESOME. We were in section 119, which was just to the left of the stage, only 15 or so rows from the floor. I was very impressed with how close we were considering the relatively low price of the tickets.

View of Stage
The first opening act came out; a DJ named Cashmere Cat. He is an up-and-coming artist who’s working with lots of rappers and, of course, Ariana Grande. He played his own music and remixed some other songs. I enjoyed it, honestly. I really enjoy electronic music, so this was cool to me. I think I am the only person in the building that liked it though. No one else was paying attention, even my kiddo.

After he left the stage and the lights came back up, I tried to get my kid to take a selfie with me. My daughter doesn’t take selfies. She’s 12. I just don’t get it.

The next act up was Rixton. They sing “Me and My Broken Heart” and a few other songs that I recognized. (It reminded me of when we saw Maroon 5 by accident just as they were becoming popular.) These ::ahem:: kids were really really great. We were both standing, singing, taking pictures and videos with our phones. The lead singer was really funny and interacting with the crowd. It was fun. Knowing what I know now, I wish we had been at a Rixton concert. They played for nearly an hour and it went by very quickly.Rixton

After another wait, the Ariana Grande concert actually began. Lots of screaming. Lots of bright lights and fireworks. Lots of meh. My kid loved it, let me say. She was excited standing and singing the whole time. She asked me to take pictures and videos for her . . . and I mostly just sat there and watched.

Here are some things I noticed:

-Almost all parents and adults over 20ish were sitting down with screaming girls beside them.

-There were costume changes between each song, leading to long pauses in the show.

-There was very little interaction with the crowd.

-The rap verses were done pretty well! They were recorded and played on the big screen behind her and produced to match the style of the other visuals of the songs. Though I will say, they turned the fog machines on during Iggy Azalea’s rap so you couldn’t see her face. Iggy Iggs! Haha!

-Over choreography. Dancers. Everywhere. Muscles and butt cheeks. And confetti. Shit tons on confetti.

-There was no encore. Once the show was over, it was over. GTFO!

I enjoyed the show, overall. Like I said, if it had been only Rixton, I would have been happy as well. The Ariana Grande part was a treat for my daughter.

The concert ended around 11:00pm and we headed to the parking lot. On the way, we saw a bootleg T-shirt seller get arrested and sat in the parking lot for a good 45 minutes waiting on traffic to let us out.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and had the most awesome waiter named Philippe with an almost comical accent – think Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast serving pancakes. We took a walk down to Dealey Plaza before getting ready for the drive home.

The last thing we did before leaving Dallas? Visited the Beef Jerky Outlet! This made up for any shortcomings of the concert as the $30 worth of jerky I purchased was amazing.

Giant EyeballRandom thoughts and junk:

Beef Jerky Outlet! Rocks.

Giant Eyeball!

-The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. Cool old place! Wish we’d have been in one of the updated rooms though.

-No late night room service?! Seriously! Who stops serving room service at 10:30?

Tiny hamburgers are tiny (and delicious)

-Aaaaaand . . . my odometer finally hit 80085. Boobs. Heh.


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