Nostalgia Week: Cute Kids, Three Generations

I can’t have a nostalgia week without sharing some photographs of myself as a child. Turns out I don’t have a lot of photos in my house though; they are all still with the people responsible for my childhood. The ones of my mother and I that I’m sharing with you today come from a random album put together by my maternal great-grandmother. They may not be the cream of the crop . . . but you wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t just tell you.

So, three generations – my mom, me, and the daughter. I’m not including the little man because I’m not comfortable putting his baby photos online.


Click on it to enlarge our adorableness.
The thing that sticks out the most to me? My kid is posing; at three months old she was already a ham. Also, apparently hair skips a generation.


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