Nostalgia Week: The Senior Book

Looking through what little stuff I have in my house from childhood one thing became perfectly clear. . . I was always meant to be an archivist. Everything is sorted, labeled, and organized.

Today I’m going to share a few gems from my senior book. Did you have one of these things? I’m not much of a scrapbooker, but I actually filled mine full of stuff. For background – I graduated in 2001 from the school I had attended since kindergarten.

Senior Book Collage

Top Left: The book, in all of its glory! Also my tassel and a pair of gloves that went with one of my colorguard outfits. I found all of this stuff in a plastic bin in my garage.

Top Right: Happy graduates in their fancy regalia. I’m the girl that shows up the most in the photos. Some of these people I still see occasionally. All of these people are Facebook friends. What would we do without Facebook?

Bottom Left: A handwritten poem from my grandmother. A quick google search tells me the author is unknown.

Bottom Right: This is part of a two-page spread that was supposed to be dedicated to sports. I decided to use it for this one time the colorguard had to paint boxes to stand on during a halftime performance. I’m not sure why I thought this random afternoon deserved two whole pages. That cute girl there on the left was my most-bestest-friend. I’m happy to report that I do still see her occasionally.

But here is the best part – the page they put in so you have something really great to laugh at when you look at the book twenty years in the future. The image isn’t really the best (I should have scanned it instead of photographed), but I’ll transcribe so you can enjoy without straining your eyes.


Favorite Restaurant/Hangout: Olive Garden
Okay confession, I’m still a fan of the Olive Garden even though it gets a lot of hate. It is probably listed as my favorite here though because the closest one was an hour away. I guess that made it special.

Favorite Thing to Order: Crab cakes, pasta, reese blizzard
Yum. All still up there on the list of favorite things.

Favorite Hamburger: BBQ sauce and swiss cheese
Now I’m more of a provolone and grilled mushrooms kind of gal. No sauce.

Favorite Pizza: Rods, always with pepperoni
Rods is a favorite pizza place in my home town, but the last time I had it was a major letdown. Still a pepperoni fan though.

Favorite Ice Cream: Texas Gold Chocolate Chip
I like the Texas Gold kind because it had chocolate shards/shavings instead of traditional chips. I don’t eat a lot of ice cream now.

Hottest Car: The new Jaguar – I love it but don’t why.
I feel like I was supposed to put down the hottest car overall, not just the one I liked best. Woops. I’m still a Jag fan [I drive a Mazda].

Favorite Song: Like a Prayer, Ghetto Superstar, Tocatta and Fugue
Oh Stephanie, did you feel like you had to throw in some Bach to impress your future self? I still like Like a Prayer and Ghetto Superstar was recently on my everyday playlist. I still love me some Bach, but I guarantee I just picked that song name off the back of a cd to write it here.

Hottest Group: Barenaked Ladies
Again, I think I missed the point here. I don’t listen to BNL anymore, but I’ll always be a fan. Their best songs are the ones that never made it into regular radio play and their concert was super fun.

Favorite Game: Monopoly
A classic.

Favorite TV Show: Rugrats, That 70s Show, Dateline
Oh my gosh, I watched Dateline every singe night and forgot all about that until just now.

Favorite Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Much Ado About Nothing, Schindler’s List, Dirty Dancing
The first two are still on my list of favorite movies and the second two are solid choices. I had good taste.

Favorite Clothes: my long black skirt w/ black dragon shirt
Yep, I’d still wear that. Through in combat boots and a tattoo choker please.

More Favorites: Colors – black, silver, red; Subway; heavy rain at night; smell of baking bread; yellow roses; Bach; Hamlet; Om perfume Gap; cranberry juice; dirt cake; my lace-up knee-high black boots; The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath; Paradise by Toni Morrison; people playing with my hair; Tim’s [the future husband] unique smell; snow; candles burning
I underlined those that still apply.

Nostalgia is fun.



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