On My Television (Retro Edition)

I thought I might watch and review some of the movies I loved growing up, but – in the end – that sounded like a bad idea. I’m assuming many of them won’t stand the test of time and I don’t want to tarnish those memories.

Did you have certain movies you just watched over and over again as a kid? I certainly did. I’ve recently discovered through conversations with my husband that the movies you like to watch tend to vary depending on whether or not you had cable. I did not, so Saturday afternoon specials rank high on my lists.

Here are the ones that stick out the most to me, in no particular order.

1) Big Trouble in Little China
I still watch this one – a lot. This is not one of my husband’s “childhood movies” however, and he does not appreciate my love of all things BTLC.1Ciy0T7

2) Adventures in Babysitting
I have not seen this one since I was a kid and I kind of imagine I would be bored out of my mind watching it now. Fun fact – did you know Anthony Rapp, later Rent’s Mark, starred in this one?Adventures-in-Babysitting-copy

3) Bloodsport
Jean Claude Van Damme all the way. This is another one I haven’t watched since I was a kid. What does it say about me that I absolutely loved this movie?tumblr_mjqdjx64eX1s35cr4o1_500

4) Flight of the Navigator
This one seems boring just thinking about it now. Kids are weird.Flight-of-the-Navigator

5) Sixteen Candles
Still a classic! I may or may not own this one.

6) Uncle Buck
I watched this one again several years ago (and a few times since then), it is great! I still laugh.

7) Working Girl
This doesn’t scream “little girl, watch this movie!” but I did, and loved it. I think I’ve seen at least part of this in my adulthood, but don’t remember what I thought of it.0928-friends

8) Revenge of the Nerds
Still awful, still good. You just can’t beat that performance at the end. Nerd power!nerds-talent-show

9) Little Monsters
I made my kid watch this one several years ago. I don’t think she enjoyed it as much – she just doesn’t get that 80s-kids-movie-but-almost-adult-movie thing. Great movie though.

10) Beaches
I’m assuming I would have a hard time sitting through this one now. I loved it when I was little because I just wanted to be an awesomely independent as Bette Midler’s character as a kid (I was so not that kid). Of course, only a tiny snippet of the movie deals with the kids. Don’t know what kept me watching all of the drama after that. 560445_269935909754530_1047421309_n

What movies stick out from your childhood? If you have watched any recently, what did you think? Do they stand the test of time?


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