Job Hunting

No, not me. Other people.

We are in the middle of hiring at work, something that always makes me inordinately discouraged. Not because of the hiring process itself, but because of the plight of the job seeker.

So many resumes come across my desk, but the pool is extremely large, diverse, and qualified; many get put aside who would likely be great in the job. The sheer mass of qualified applications makes it very difficult to hire someone based on potential, talent, and maybe an educated hunch.

I guess what really gets to me is the fact that many of the applications I put aside look very similar to mine when I started job hunting after finishing my MA. Entering the archival field what feels like only a few hours before the job market became abysmal, I was able to land a position with scattered experience, enthusiasm, and a promise of bigger things (I like to think I delivered).

appreciate-not-complaining-about-workplace-ecard-someecardsI feel like I should help. Like I should mentor everyone and pull my (nonexistent) strings to find them a good place. I’m big on taking care of the “youth” so to speak. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from someone in her early thirties. Maybe “newbs” is the better term? I’m big on supporting the newbs.

In grad school and early in my career, I had a number of people take interest in me and give me the kind of work experiences that set me up for success and instilled in me a passion for my career. One of my big goals in life is to provide that kind of nurturing environment for others. I don’t know if I’m achieving that as often as I would like.

It sucks out there and I wish I knew how to help make it better. I think it is easier for those of us gainfully employed – especially those of us who haven’t experienced as depressed a market – to become complacent. Phrases like “they’ll take if they want the job” and “they should be happy to have a job” get thrown around too often (not pointing fingers are anyone here, just things you hear). I don’t like that. We should all be on the same team here.

Too altruistic? My feelings are authentic, at least. I’ll keep trying to make a difference.


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