Cold Hard Cash

So, let’s see. . .
The daughter needs braces: $5,500
The house needs siding: $12,000
The little man needs a van: $35,000
I need a vintage Hermes Birkin bag: $15,000

Okay, that last one might be better classified as a “want”
or, more appropriately, a “never gonna happen.”


Why am I telling you all this? Well, we are starting a number of small ventures to raise extra money – freelance and academic writing, computer repair, a second work-from-home job, a GoFundMe campaign for the van – and one important thing that will affect you, dear readers.*

Mario Coins
Am I asking you for money? No, not directly. In the next few weeks you will start to see ads appear on Yes, I’m monetizing this blog. I avoided doing it for a long time, but at this point every little bit of revenue will help in a big way (and I can assure you, the revenue will be only slightly above negligible). Don’t worry – all of the content remains free and I’ll try to keep the annoying-factor down as much as possible.

I’m researching my best options right now, so you will probably see ads jumping around on the page until I finalize what I like best. I’m also in the middle of a redesign. If you aren’t reading this on, go check it out! I’m open to comments and suggestions. I especially want to know if something doesn’t work on your end.

So, get ready for some changes to the site. I hope you will keep reading my tacky tales; I enjoy writing them.

*Plus, how can a anonymous wealthy benefactor make all of our dreams come true if I don’t post about it? Be logical, people.


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