Romance, etc.

So, what did you all do this fine Valentine’s Day weekend? Go to the movies to see cheap mommy porn? i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey. [Yes, I’m judging you. Sorry.]

We did . . . well, pretty much nothing. We aren’t really big on celebrating Valentine’s Day (except for the candy) and even less so now that is involves getting a babysitter. I love a nice dinner and gift as much as the next person, but I prefer it on a night not too busy and full of expectations.

I’m not a completely emotionless robot though, so I did fulfill part of my social obligation and purchase a card. My husband didn’t get me a thing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t bother me. He is always the romantic one who goes above and beyond. I’m the kind of person who picks up a wilted bouquet and eats half of the chocolates on the way over.

I think my card reflects my sentiments well.

So, what did we do on the day? I got up early and went to a Junior League literacy event while the husband and the girl started cleaning her room and taking apart her bed. She is upgrading to a queen. We ended up playing bed-around-the-rosie and ended up with a new spiderman bed set for the little man and spreading-out room for the girl. I also made a trip to the last day of a children’s consignment event. It was really picked over, so I only found a couple of things. We made $150 from this sale though, so I’m thrilled.

After tearing the house apart then putting it back together, finishing our taxes, losing hot water and researching how to fix it, making a trip to Lowes for parts, and picking up delicious hamburgers for dinner, we settled in for the evening. A bottle of wine and Winona Ryder triple feature – Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Girl, Interrupted – rounded out the evening.

After putting beds together all day, the husband went to bed at 10 and I finished the last movie by myself. Me, the dogs, and the rest of the wine. Then I ate a bowl of ice cream left over from last weekend’s sleepover, turned on a documentary about a toy museum in Vermont, and fell asleep on the couch. That last part was unintentional.



  1. Wow you did a lot in one day. We did family date night due to the lack of a sitter which ended up an epic fail on my end. There’s this family restaurant/indoor place place where you can eat like normal adults while your kids run rampant and no one cares. We go and I failed to call ahead of time – they had a special event going on for a private party, so we ended up eating in the food court. Happy Valentine’s Day! Ha!

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