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radio-dogA Conversation with Mr. Tacky

We have been discussing options for dealing with the little man starting school in the fall. As I’ve written before, he will be losing his daycare benefits and I’m struggling to find someplace with after school care that will accept him. At this point, we are still discussing all possible options – ideal or not.

Him: Well, you’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.

Me: [silence, glare] When have I ever wanted that?!

Him: Was that my other wife?

Me: I tried that once and it was awful. I did want to be a stay-at-home-person though.

Him: Oh, so. . .

Me: By myself. No kids.

Related, if anyone out that has any suggestions of how two working parents can deal with a profoundly disabled child in school, let me know. I’m especially looking for services I might not know about and creative solutions. Also, I’m accepting applications for a nanny. I can pay you in Little Caesar’s Hot n’ Readys, topping of you choice.


Overheard at Jury Duty

To my left –

Man: This is my first time doing this.

Woman: Mine too, but they have plenty of white people here; they won’t pick us.

Man and Woman: [Hearty Laugh]

*He ended up on the jury

To my right –

Woman: They have me staying in the Doubletree. Told ‘em, “you can’t put a country girl in a fancy hotel like that.” That place is fancy. They are serious over there.

Snippets from down the hall –

Woman: This is your first time? This is my fourth.

Woman: Yeah, that guy stuck it right in my face. Scary.

[She was talking about testifying and being robbed at gunpoint.]


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