Favorite Things . . . 2014 Edition

Last year, I shared a few things I discovered in 2013 that I really loved. Guess what?! I’m going to do it again. All of these things are either new (to me) discoveries or things that suddenly became a fixture in my life during 2014.

BzzAgent_logo_largetumblr_static_influenster_logoBzzAgent and Influenster
I love getting free stuff. All sorts of free stuff. I will gladly do all manner of assignments on the internet (well, lots anyway) to insure more free stuff arriving in my mailbox. BzzAgent and Influenster are very different, but have similar purposes so I’ve lumped them together here. I apologize to you on my personal Facebook and Twitter who are subjected to my spammy posts about random products. I don’t apologize to you Instagram followers though, as plenty of you do the same thing.

41CIM11cLuL._SX425_4C Liquid Water Enhancer, Totally Light Green Tea
Yum. Yum. Yum. One squeeze of this in a cup of water creates the perfect green tea. Delicious, with just a hint of sweetness. My daughter and I both love this product and I keep a bottle at work. Each bottle makes approximately 24 servings; I like my green tea a little weak though, so it lasts me a bit longer.

Adjust (green)Smashbox Green Primer
I already reviewed this primer, so you know my love for it. It is still one of my favorites and the one I use the most. I have found a couple of Korean products I like a bit better, but 1) they don’t tackle the redness and 2) ordering is a hassle.

evol. All Natural Burritos/Red’s All Natural Burritosevol-burrito-200x150
This was the year of the overpriced frozen burritos from the natural food section. They end up on my grocery list almost every week and have become my go-to work lunch. I like how I can easily stick a few in the work freezer and not have to worry about what I’m going to eat that day. Plus, they are yummy. I used to love frozen burritos as a kid, so maybe there is a bit of nostalgia involved too. I tend to alternate between Red’s and evol.

6674430809_eda2989acc_zRhett and Link
I’ve watched Rhett and Link on Youtube for a while, but this year I suddenly became a devoted Good Mythical Morning fan. Their show is consistently good and can always make me laugh. Sometimes, I even learn a thing or two. Typically useless knowledge, but still. I am a mythical beast, ya’ll!


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