Very Important Information, I Promise

When tried to go to bed last night, my brain started to think about important things, stressful things, and embarrassing things. I politely told it to stop and think about something frivolous. In response, it thought about Hellraiser 2. I don’t always get along with my brain. Then the little man woke up with a second wind and no one got any sleep anyway. So there, brain.

The little man has glasses now. Dapper little black frames. He has yet to successfully wear them a full day, but he has stopped making his “sunglasses face.” What is that, you ask? When you put a pair of glasses on the little man, he scrunches up his shoulders and smiles really big. He expects you to tell him how great it looks, but it would start to look pretty weird if he did it all the time.

The girl headed back to school yesterday. She was not thrilled, saying, “I want to see my friends and then just leave.” I can’t say I blame her; winter break is absolutely wonderful. I’m jealous.

Girl Scout cookies go on sale Saturday. I’m not ready for the mess of cookies all over my house or carrying around that long order form. Gotta get those patches though! The girl loves girl scouts and cookie time is one of her favorites.

I’m starting a four-week weaving course on Saturday. Yes, with a loom. Apparently I will have a scarf by the end. I’m not so sure about that, but I’ll have something oddly put together. I have absolutely no talent for these type of things. I am very excited though. And it’s not like you run into a lot of weavers all the time. I promise to show you whatever nonsense I manage to create.

Our Christmas tree is still up. I wouldn’t feel guilty about this – let me be me, yo! – but two of the light strings are dead making it feel somewhat wrong. Like I need to hide the fact that I’m holding on to the last seconds of the holidays trying to steal it from people on the street. Maybe I’ll use the last remaining gift still waiting underneath it as my excuse. The neighbors should be relieved we didn’t put up outdoor decorations this year.

If the weatherman was correct, an arctic blast hit the state overnight and everyone is freezing this morning. Lots of scarves, hats, and red noses. I’m probably wearing my blue gloves. Important facts here, people!

My husband has a pair of jeans with a pocket in need of repair so I will be trying out the Handy Stitch this weekend. I’ll be happy to report my results back to you. Hopefully I don’t ruin the jeans completely. I’d hate to owe him a new pair just because I insisted on using this crazy gadget instead of sewing it up by hand. Not that I’d be thrilled to repair jeans by hand, but I don’t own a sewing machine. [This is largely because all I can do is sew in a semi-straight line or get a few patches to stay on a Girl Scout vest.]


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