75 Books in 2015

Guess who forgot to write her blog post for today? Yep, this gal. I was working on some freelance writing instead – paying gigs come first, right?

Instead, I going to share a short book review. I’m taking part in a challenge on LibraryThing to read 75 books in 2015. I posted this review of my first book of the year in my thread on that site.

416Zq07EtoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (2011)

I’ll be honest, I picked this book completely at random. I wanted to start the year with a fiction book (for a change from my usual reading) and this one popped up early in the list of available ebooks to check out from my local library. I knew little to nothing about it, other than the fact that it was well known.

There are two main reasons I should not have enjoyed this book:

1) The length. Depending on the edition, this book is around 1000 pages and was originally published in Japan as three separate novels. I usually avoid books of this length. I like to try and finish any book I start (even if I dislike it – I can only think of two books I put down in disgust). Avoiding random books over 500 pages means I don’t end up committing a lot of time to something I don’t enjoy.

2) The narrators. Murakami alternates first person narrators every other chapter (two in the first 2/3, then adding in a third person at the end). Typically this is not something I enjoy, as I like one story better than the other and end up skimming the “boring” chapters.

Despite all of that, I loved this book. Really loved it. Couldn’t put it down kind of loved it.

Looking at reviews, critics were disappointed with this work. It is true, I found some of the hundred of pages of description tedious, but I bought into Murakami’s world 100%. And once you believe it, the description just adds to the atmosphere. 1Q84 left me with questions, but ultimately satisfied with the ending. Sometimes you just don’t need to know everything, right?

2015 total books read: 1
2015 total pages read: 928



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