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2000px-As_seen_on_TV.svgThe husband and I recently adopted a Christmas tradition that is a big hit in our household; ever year, we buy each other “as seen on tv” gifts. Our theory is the funnier the commercial, the better the product. Better to gift, anyway.

Last year, I received a wine glass that holds an entire bottle (it works!) and the husband received the Old Brooklyn Lantern (we really use the thing!).

This year, my husband received the Night View Clip-On Glasses.

That commercial is for the full glasses, not the clip-ons, but the concept is the same.

Do they work? Well, yes. Sort of. I mean, the yellow lenses do make things seem brighter, but it is hardly amazing. They do exactly what you expect them to. They do have this nifty flip-up feature though so you can wear them indoors too. Impress all the ladies!

I received the Handy Stitch.

You guys remember this commercial, right? How can you forget that lady trying to lift up her sewing machine to fix her curtains.

I haven’t had the time – or will – to test this, so I’ll have to share my thoughts about it later. Maybe I will have something good to try and fix by then.


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  1. I was super excited when I got a Handy Stitch for Christmas back in high school. It’s an awesome concept, but because it doesn’t have a foot to feed your fabric like a traditional sewing machine, you can’t make even stitches. I would have 10 stitches on top of each other and then another stitch a 1/4″ away which made it practically unusable, at least in my hands. If they made a way for it to feed the fabric, I would buy another one for easy use.

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