Holiday Recap

We had an exceptionally good Christmas.

For starters, the little man experienced the magic of Christmas for the very first time. I wrote last year how I hoped to expand the little man’s Christmas experience. He understands gifts, but everything else just seemed like an anomaly to him – nothing special. I wish I could say I figured out how to do that, but no, another year made the difference. We took our annual drive through our town’s light display – the Sherwood Enchanted Forest Trail of Lights – and suddenly a look of Christmas wonderment came across his face. I saw it, you guys; I saw the Christmas magic in his eyes. Success!

On Christmas day, my parents, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law came to our house for gift exchange and food. What did we eat? Prime rib, brussels sprouts, macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, sausage rolls, apple pie, coconut cream pie, and two kinds of fudge. [What are we still eating as of Sunday evening? Prime rib, brussels sprouts, macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, sausage rolls, apple pie, coconut cream pie, and two kinds of fudge]

The daughter already knew she was getting a GoPro from one set of grandparents and a pair of mint green high-top converse from us, but she didn’t know about the two pairs of Bobs from the other set of grandparents. All items she had requested. Her biggest hit of the day however, was a marshmallow shooter. I like to spoil my kids at Christmas, but I’ll always argue that what you get doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of her stocking stuffers, for example, were things I had traded beauty samples for on a swap site.

The little man didn’t really have a favorite gift of the year. He loves to unwrap and then he likes to sit with his toys surrounding him in a big pile. Like he is the newly crowned king of the toys. And if he sees something else on the floor that is his, he will point at it and say “mine” until you add it to his pile. He doesn’t care what is in the pile at all, but this year he got a tool box, doctor’s kit, and Captain American action figure. We bought him a small trampoline – yay for toys that double as therapy tools.

The husband and I exchanged our customary “as seen on tv” gifts – more about that on Wednesday – and they were a hit, as usual. I filled his stocking with a rape alarm a la Gavin and Stacey while he got me a new sunglasses holder for my car (I broke the other one and have been driving with it hanging open for a year). I rounded off his gifts with a new drill (as requested) and a framed green beetle (real). He surprised me with a teacup set I had been wanting – he doesn’t care for my teacups, so I was surprised to see them under the tree.

Plus, for the first time ever, I picked out a gift for my sister-in-law that she actually liked. More than liked – she was excited about it! See, my sister-in-law is difficult to buy for and has cerebral palsy too, so her emotions about her gifts show on her face. It doesn’t hurt our feelings, but it was awesome to be able to hit the jackpot this year. I had a stroke of genius and got her a lounging/floating thing for the new pool they are putting in.

We didn’t take one single photograph. When they left, we napped and it was glorious.

Now comes the worst part of the holidays: taking everything down and having to wait until next December to do it all again.


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