Christmas Past

For a short time, the daughter had a due date of Christmas Day. She was actually born on December 20th by scheduled c-section. Christmas 2002 was fun, scary, busy, and painful all rolled into one. My legs were still swelling from retaining water – pretty bad, actually, but the doctor didn’t take me seriously – so holiday celebrations were difficult. The daughter got a huge Clifford doll from my parents and we took photographs of her riding it. She was asleep, of course. We decorated a tabletop tree, put up a string of lights, and did tiny stockings. It was a simple holiday.

This year we had the bright idea to set the Christmas tree up in our master bedroom. This meant our all-over-the-place-walking-child would stay out of the tree. It also had the added bonus of allowing me to snuggle in front of the tree every night. When Christmas morning rolled around, we all sat on the bedroom floor opening presents. Right next to the television stand with the sharp corners. That was in the room so our daughter wouldn’t trip and fall into it. . . You can see where this is going. She caught her forehead right on the corner and we spent half a day in the emergency room waiting for an x-ray. It was just a flesh wound, but she spent the next couple of week with a nasty bump/bruise and bandaid on her head.

Our first Christmas in our own home. Well, one we owned anyways. We moved in just before Halloween, so things were still a little bare around the holidays (apartment to house is a big change). We decided to stay home on Christmas day and stop the grandparent shuffle. Eventually my parents decided they would come to us – just couldn’t bear to be away from us! – and we made spaghetti with Cajun meatballs. It was delicious. Now, everyone comes to us and the husband cooks a massive meal. It is fun, but I’ll always look back on that low-key holiday fondly.

Our first Christmas with the little man. Nothing special happened this year, but it is the first holiday enjoyed by our family in its current form and the first time I had to buy for presents for two kids.

I had my median sternotomy with thymectomy in early December and was just starting to feel alive by Christmas time. Outside, the neighborhood was covered in more inches of snow than we’ve seen in recent years, but – sadly – I could only enjoy it from my couch. We had the family up for dinner and opened presents. Thanks to pain killers, I think I enjoyed most of it. Can’t really remember many details though. There were coordinating sock monkey pajamas for the kids, a bow for the daughter, and a small ball pit for the little man.


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