Gifts for Your Minecrafter

Minecrafter? Minecraftian? Player of Minecraft?

My daughter and her friends love Minecraft. In fact, I think she would be most happy if I put her in her a room with a computer, a few snacks, and no one else to bother her while she played all day long. As this is such a huge interest of hers, we have gifted several Minecraft-related things to her over the years and I have some suggestions for those of you out there looking for similar gifts.

FYI: These are not affiliate links – just random. And the photographs come from the website I’ve linked to.

51QkrbkFlSL._SL500_AA300_Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection
You can buy these handbooks separately or this in snazzy new set. Know your audience though – my daughter is just as happy to look up tutorials and hacks on YouTube than to open one of her guides. In fact, she will watch someone randomly playing Minecraft while she plays Minecraft. Meta Minecraft.

f499_minecraft_foam_sword_pickaxeFoam Weapons
The Minecraft home décor is not complete without a collection of less-than-deadly, pixelated weapons on hand. These are foam, but are not soft. Plus- they are sturdy. Minus- it would hurt if you got whacked with one. We own the regular iron sword and it was a big hit when it came in the mail. I think these are pretty pricey for what you are ordering, but you can catch sales often.

My kid plays Minecraft on her computer and likes to park herself down right in the living room while we are trying to watch some evening television. I’m thrilled to have her with us instead of hiding in her room, as almost-teenagers are prone to want to do, so a good pair of headphones is the perfect accessory. This pair is high quality, but won’t break the bank at $60. They come recommended by the tacky techie husband. Plus, you can use them with your Xbox One or PS4 with a $15 attachment.

f04f_minecraft_masksCardboard Creeper or Steve Mask
You should buy this for three reasons: 1) Your kid will look hilarious trying to walk around with it on. So will the adult you talk into putting it on. 2) You have a go-to, last-minute Halloween costume. 3) You might be able to put it on the dog for a few minutes and it will be totally worth it.

f056_creeper_plushCreeper Plushie with Sound
This thing makes the standard Creeper hiss/boom sound and is much bigger than it looks. Keep your friend close and your enemies closer, right? Now you can sleep with a Creeper right next to your head. Plus, you have a great sound effect to engage before you do something destructive.

81Mhf0RMW2L._SL1500_Minecraft Lego Sets
My family tells me a young Minecrafter would appreciate one of these sets. I don’t get it – you are already building in the game, why do you need to build in real life too? Probably a good way to get your kid out from in front of their gaming system or computer though. Is anyone else always surprised by how expensive Legos are?

Looking for something a little more unique? Hit up Etsy where you can find hand-painted Creeper shoes, Christmas ornaments, and all manner of personalized clothing.


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