Let’s Talk About Names

Anyone else think it is interesting to learn why someone picked a certain name? No? Well, you probably won’t enjoy this post then. I have contributed to the naming of two children, several pets, and numerous online profiles and personalities. Here is the break down.

My daughter – [Anonymous].
Is it annoying to be talking about a name I won’t tell you? Her first name was actually a compromise. I wanted to name my child after a fruit, but was overridden from many different directions. My husband and I decided we would name her [anonymous] and the fruit would be the nickname. Unfortunately, she just never was that fruit and my dream died. I didn’t know anyone else with her name when we named her and apparently everyone else thought the same thing; her name is one of the most popular for her birth year.

We had trouble deciding on a middle name and had sort-of a running list going. Sadly, my paternal grandmother died several months before she was born. It became pretty clear then that my daughter’s middle name should be the first name of the great-grandmother she would never meet. My grandmother didn’t go by her first name – she used a nickname – but it still means a lot for that connection to be made.

My son – the little man.
Seriously, the birth certificate just says “the little man.” Don’t believe me?

Okay, truth: Long before my husband and I decided to adopt, we had a name in mind for a little boy and we stuck with that when the little man joined the family. His name is [husband’s stepfather’s last name] [my maiden name] [last name]. His first name is a typical first name, but is spelled differently. Yes, he is going to have to spell his name to people for the rest of his life. Sorry, little man!

Current dog #1 – Leela.
Obviously, dog #1 is named after Leela from Futurama. She came from the shelter named either Cinderella or Princess (there was some confusion. . . I think two different shifts named her different things) and didn’t really seem to know either name. I don’t remember for sure, but I probably suggested several names that were systematically struck-down. It seems likely. My husband decided on the switch to Leela – a name that satisfied both a seven-year-old girl and her parents.

Current dog #2 – Marvin.
Dog #2 came from the same shelter, but only had one name, Marvin. The husband loved it and managed to convince me and our daughter to stick with me. We usually call him Marv unless he is in trouble then, just like a child, he gets the full name treatment. Sometimes I call him Marvington or Marvicle.

Childhood dog – Tasha.
I had an Alaskan malamute growing up that I just loved. When we first got her, I decided to name her Tasha after a girl in school I wanted to be like. She had olive skin – which I found much more appealing than my freckles – and extremely straight dark hair. I don’t know if she would have found it a compliment to know I named my dog after her; that really seems like a weird thing to do. It was a good name though. One that satisfied all ages, much like Leela and Marv.

First AOL – Cybele09.
Ah, the mid-90s when you agonized over crafting the perfect username. I may have had a username before this one, but this is the first I crafted on my own without parental input. I actually chose Cybele09 after the Phrygian goddess (because I was a kid and this is the kind of weird kid-stuff you do). Unfortunately, people in all those popular chat rooms thought my username was inviting them to join me for some cybersex. I got a lot of unwanted attention (unwanted even for a developing teenager).
I ended up using this name well into the 2000s for site-specific usernames – especially since the cybersex confusion wasn’t really a problem by then. A little googling still finds some of my stuff out there, but most of the hits aren’t me.

Later go-to – Lovelyclio.
This was the last non-real name username I used. I used it for my first gmail address too and still pull it out occasionally when signing up for random things online. I chose this name after Clio, the muse of history because I’m fancy like that. I googled this one and didn’t really find a lot out there that was actually me. Apparently, Lovelyclio is a pretty popular name. I’ll take credit for that. I also used Lovelyclio as the username for my Livejournal. Oh yeah, of course I had a Livejournal. I was blogging before it was a thing. **Hipster alert**


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