FALL Challenge Update #3

New progress:
13) Wear an adorable knitted hat DONE
This was an easy one. I love hats, although I don’t wear them as much as I did before cutting all of my hair off. Last weekend, I had to run an errand after not washing my hair for four days (and by not washing, I mean no dry shampoo or anything. . . I just got new color) and was looking pretty rough so I hid my hair in a fuzzy white hat. Technically, that was my first adorable knitted hat wearing of the year. This past week the temperatures dropped down into the 20s at night, so there were many opportunities to rock a hat. Excellent.

17) Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! FAIL
I don’t this think fail is really my fault. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! wasn’t available for free streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It wasn’t even available to rent on Prime, you had to actually buy the thing. I did watch Hellraiser I, II, II, and IV though. Does that count? The plots seem pretty similar.
To do:
5) Create a centerpiece with gourds [Coming soon – I’m saving this for Thanksgiving week.]
10) Smores! [Yum. Not skipping this one.]
11) Drink cider [Does hard cider count? I’d probably get around to that faster.]
12) Poke cloves into oranges for another centerpiece [This will come after the gourds.]
16) Make a turkey out of a handprint [Coming soon – I’m saving this one for Thanksgiving week.]
19) Go apple picking [Okay, it seems unlikely this one will happen.]
20) Make an apple pie [Why did I put this on the list? I don’t like to cook.]

Done, failed, or abandoned:
1) Take a drive to look at the changing leaves DONE
2) Drink a pumpkin latte DONE
3) Eat something that really shouldn’t be pumpkin flavored DONE
4) Carve a pumpkin FAIL
6) Visit a pumpkin patch FAIL
7) Go trick-or-treating DONE
8) Buy candy corn, but probably don’t eat it DONE
9) Tell a ghost story DONE
14) Roast pumpkin seeds FAIL
15) Create a fall-themed wreath DONE
18) Make food that tastes delicious, but looks like something scary or disgusting DONE


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