The Wednesday of my Discontent

So, I wrote this for Wednesday. Then decided I wasn’t going to post it. Then changed my mind when a coworker said something that sounded like it came right out of this.

On Monday I was content. This is rare enough in my life that I feel the need to point it out. Now, not being content is my own fault. I am a chronic over-achiever with a mean perfectionist streak cursed by a bit of an inferiority complex. “Must be better” could be my middle name. Before you get on your high horse and criticize me for this (because we all know that is what people like to do best on the internet), think about the fact that I am aware of this flaw [if you want to call it that – I would argue against it, as these personality traits mean I can get some shit done]. I can usually tell when I am being silly and don’t take it out on my family and friends. Many a conversation with my husband has started with “Okay, I know this is ridiculous. . . “

What made my day pretty damn good? Nothing special really. I woke up on time, but didn’t sleep very well so my husband took both kids to school (we usually each take one) giving me a little bit longer to get ready. I nonchalantly did my makeup and visited Starbucks. After working for a couple of hours, I had a lunchtime board meeting with our local arts center. I always enjoy these meetings and it doesn’t hurt that the food is delicious. I made a good contact and talked about the spark of a possible future project. The weather was beautiful, but – more importantly – the cold front was getting ready to move in. I love this time of year! Back at work, everything went well. There was no extra stress, no redoing other’s incorrect work (a recurring theme lately), no silly drama. Just a normal work day. To top everything off, we had our monthly Junior League meeting. By the time I made it home, I crashed on the couch with a few minutes to spend with my kids before their bedtimes.

See . . . nothing special. In reality it was the 8am-8pm kind of day that could really tire a person out. I felt at my best though and my anxiety was in check. I wish I could bottle that up and keep it in my purse.[ Actually, I would replicate it and sell it at a high price. ::evil laugh::]

I think it all comes down to nonsense. I have a very low tolerance for nonsense (along with irrationality and deceitfulness, but those don’t come into play here). Hooey, mumbo jumbo, baloney, claptrap, poppycock*, hogwash. Call it what you want; I can’t tolerate any of it. Ain’t nobody got time for that was my favorite meme of 2012.

I like to get in, get my stuff done, and get on with my life. I don’t like to clean up your mess. I don’t like to pick up the slack (but I will . . . see that perfectionist thing). I don’t like to listen to people talk in circles. I don’t like to deal with people who just do the bare minimum. Of course, I’m pretty sure if you asked most people would agree they don’t like these things either. No one is going to admit they don’t follow through and get their stuff done, but they sure as hell do. Or don’t. I lost track of my sentence. [blame the glass of wine] Does this qualify as a rant? I think it is getting pretty ranty, so I’ll stop. Be aware of the nonsense, people!

*Does anyone say poppycock anymore? We should bring it back. Try to work it into conversation once this week. Bonus points if you yell it with your finger up in the air.



  1. Balderdash is used by my husband and I just stick to the good old drivel….
    The words, not actions.
    If you manage to bottle that feeling I may even be tempted to pay your evily high price!

  2. I was bummed yesterday when you did not post, but then I woke up this morning to your post and I instantly thought I had been a day ahead all day yesterday and today (which is the worst.) I was relieved to find I was wrong. No more mind games! 🙂

  3. Deb
    November 17, 2014

    I’m new to blogging – yours is the first I’ve ever read and at the end of this blog I wish I could think of a sentence to use ‘poppycock’ in. That’s gonna run through my internal dialogue for quite a while I think (note to self: don’t read Stephanie’s blogs after 10 pm again) If you could bottle Monday morning contentedness you would be very rich!

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