Saturday Review: Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer

s1559111-main-hero-300Awful name.

The directions: Apply one coat daily for seven days then remove and start the routine over. Do this for four weeks.

Week 1: This dries very quickly. Since I’m applying a coat every day, I’m glad it doesn’t take up more than a few minutes of my time. The clear coat held up all week even when adding layers thickening it. My nails looked shiny and healthy. No discernible change in strength. My nails are as strong as they would be had I worn any nail polish all week – stopping me from my nail-biting habit.

Week 2: (Middle of the week) My nails are starting to feel and look stronger. I’m not sure if I believe this result, as it seems to have happened too fast. Maybe I’m imagining it. (End of the week) My nails look very healthy and several do feel stronger. I easily broke one setting up for the little man’s birthday party though, so its still too early to call it.

Week 3: I’m feeling somewhat similar to last week. My nails look healthy and there is some increase in strength, but it is inconsistent. Also, I am very tired of this clear coat and really want to paint my nails.

Week 4: Last week, finally. My husband commented on how nice my nails look (yes, he knows I’m using this product). He says he can really tell a difference. And – I should add – commented on the nails unprompted.

Verdict: My nails are definitely healthier. I don’t think the increased strength is consistent enough to call it a full success though. I’m torn on whether the four week commitment was worth the results


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