November Already?

Time for rambling updates.

The little man is getting glasses. They should be ready in a week or so. My husband picked out a really adorable pair from Miraflex (highly recommended by our eye doctor and therapists). I can’t imagine how we are going to convince him not to take them off, but we will give it a try.

As usual the he loved Halloween. One of his favorite games is to put things in a container and then take them back out, so basically we just took him around the neighborhood to play this game with new people. In past years, we had to keep a backup sack to dump most of his candy in so he wouldn’t toss it out all over the place. He was happy to just keep it in his bag this year though.

Like a high maintenance bride, the little man had two costumes. His day costume was a cute Woody from Toy Story complete with foam hat and gun holster. After dinner, he changed into his night costume, a classic Spiderman with built-in muscles. He actually got the Woody costume for his birthday, so it worked out that he was able to wear something to school without messing it up before trick-or-treating.

The daughter went as Little Red Riding Hood – quite a departure from her usual horror and blood. She was all kinds of adorable, but I may be practical because once she put on her long black wig she looked like the kind of dark porcelain mystery I always wanted to bring (I have freckles, so porcelain skin is my unattainable dream).

She is turning twelve in December. Her birthday is close to Christmas, so we usually celebrate it early in the month. I think she just wants to do a sleepover this year. So many girls in the house. I already have her birthday gift, so at least I can cross that off of my list. [Actually, I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping too.]

I spent the weekend doing laundry. I’m sure I did other things, but all I can remember in the post-weekend haze is all of the laundry. I had to wash nearly every piece of clothing in our household. My fault for letting it pile up, but I’m going to complain anyway. Folding, hanging, and putting away laundry are some of my least favorite things.


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